Tuesday, May 13, 2008

My new Card Set

This is my new card set..........."Thinking of you" a set of 6 cards. I priced them at $15.oo (2.50 a piece) with $2.00 postage, as postage just went up on Monday, I suspect I will be eating some of my profits.........oh well, such is life, everything is going up. You can go to http://cards4ubylouise.etsy.com/ to buy my cards.

My next set will be "Thank you" cards. A set of 4 cards for $10.00. Have already taken the pictures and downloaded them to the computer, so in the next couple of days they will go into my store.

Well, I think I am going to cut this blog segment short, as I have a merchandising job to get done today.........going into two Dollar General stores to take down the Mother Day cards and put up the Father Day cards..........that should take me all day to do.............it's a fun job, but alot of steps to accomplish in the short time you are given to do it.

You have a good day and keep your best foot forward and don't look back........nothing you can do about it anyways♥


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Diane ~ said...

Great blog Louise!! :)


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