Friday, October 21, 2011

Friday Funday and a Few Creations

Been awhile since I added a few things to this blog that I have made. Really, really, I've been busy creating but not showing off my creations. Was shopping last week and found an ornament at the Shopko store and thought, I could make this! So, home I went to make some circles and glue them together, (thank you Sandi for all the circles you made for me on your machine and for the punch you borrowed me) here is the end result, my rendition of what I saw at Shopko. Of course, their ornament did not have JESUS on it. Ended up giving this ornament to JP for his "spiritual Birthday"The card below is a Halloween card...........not much into making halloween cards as it is so against what I believe. If people really knew what goes on and the many living creatures including babies, children and adults that are sacrificed to SATAN there would be less celebrating and worshipping of the EVIL ONE. It's a pagan holiday that does not belong.........sorry, that is the way I feel.

Anyways, went to Archivers the other day, it's "Tim Holtz"week, made this tag with the fun technique, stamping a tag, with stains, then running it through Tim Holtz's machine (only $199 if you buy it this week) the ribbon was stained and the skull and bat went through the machine also. I thought I would send the tag to my secret stamper so added it to a card and dressed it up alittle. She teaches making cards and is always looking for new ideas.....hope she likes this one. I shall have to make some more tags and do this again, maybe for Christmas cards would be nice. I do have to get on the stick and make my Christmas cards, one more month to get them done...........geez better start getting to work!!!! Need to get a few more Christmas cards in my Etsy store and a few Christmas ornaments too.

Well, time to close this blog for today, need to go pay the electric bill, get some dishes done and do some work outside, time to winterize before the first snow's not far away, just peeking around the corner. Have a great day and keep looking up for your redemption draweth nigh. Cheers ~ Louise

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