Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Flowers from my Garden

Hi there everyone....omg....this just makes my day when things are working on BlogSpot. Today I could up-load some pictures. So we will go with it....Happy dance, happy dance!!! Next test....will these pictures be extra large or regular size pictures......we'll see.
So in this picture are my purple clematis....they sure looked beautiful this year. Last year I took a lot of roots and transplanted this baby in 2 different places. Some roots went to another part of the back yard and by the side of the front porch. I did take some pictures of the different places. Shall have to take some more pictures of these pretty flowers.
In this picture is my swan, which always gets some red geraniums planted in her. Have some cucumbers planted in the pot behind, got my first cucumber yesterday....oh yay!!! Not sure what that green plant is....that one comes back every year and I can keep it out all winter (covered of course) it grows back. I will have to check to see if the name is still in the pot, if so, I will let you know.
And here....TA DA....are my wonderful "brown eyed susans?" They volunteer themselves every year and I never know where they will grow from year to year.  These are growing along side the house and their blooms will last a couple of weeks. I do so love them!!! So bright and happy!!!
Here is my beautiful white rose....This year only half of the rose bush came back...guess it was a rough winter for them. During the winter there is always a 6 foot mound of snow that covers this rose bush....very well insulated but it was a cold, long, winter for her. Perhaps that is why only half survived.

Well time to close, need to get ready to go pick up some bread at the Salvation Army. Have to start thinking about making JP's lunch, I use lots of bread, so getting bread at the SA really helps us...today he is getting a refried bean sandwich with lettuce. Sounds good, right???

Talk later and have a great day and keep looking up!! Cheers ~ Louise

PS If you want to see what I posted on my wordpress blog, go here:cards4ubylouise.wordpress.com


Susie said...

Louise, Your flowers are so pretty. I love your clematis. Ours did so well this year...but they are spent now. I have two roses on the bush my daughter entrusted me with. xoxo,Susie

Patricia said...

Wow, your clematis is beautiful. I think mine have died this summer. Ah well, they were beautiful while they lasted. They were in very large pots, because I could never think of a spot to transplant them where they would do good. You know, sunshine, but cool shaded soil. At least those were the instructions...


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