Friday, April 5, 2013

My Friend Kylie and a Few Cards...............

Hi Everyone, how is your day going. We are dreaming of warm summer days on the front porch, peeking out and seeing flowers and butterflies.........yes many beautiful days to look forward to!!! I took this picture of Kylie last year and played with really should go there and play some more.....but seems I find other things to occupy my time.
Here is one of my anchor cards I made a while back. Using my cricut........found the anchor on a site where it was free to take and as I was looking for anchors that was a pretty good deal for me. So I made a bunch of anchors in blue and red and in different sizes and just went about making lots of cards. I will be putting one of these two cards in my Etsy store....been a while since I listed a card on Etsy, must be more diligent at listing if I want to sell a few cards. Either my cards are no longer appealing or the economy is bad cause none have sold for a long time. Oh well, guess I will donate them to hospice so I can just keep making them. Always nice to have a card for every occasion and not have to go out and buy cards. Have you seen the price of a card lately? Yikes!! Enough to choke a chicken!!!
This is my second anchor card in blue. The tape at the top and bottom is "washi tape" which I love working with. I did pick up some 12 X 12 paper like the tape, so will have to sit down and play, see what I come up with.

I have some wolf and elephant cards in the making.......will take pictures of them and add them to this blog in the next few days and then list them on Etsy. Haven't been downstairs to make cards in a few days....was spring cleaning my bedroom last night, whew, do things get dirty and dusty and moved the bed around, TV and sewing machine....makes things look a little different, almost like a new room. I heard a long time ago, that when a person moves their furniture around that they are longing for a vacation.....yep, that sure is true....JP and I have not been on a vacation since 2005, went down to Indiana for a conference.....would be nice to take a road trip again to someplace we have never been. I hear Hawaii calling my name.............someday!!!

Well time to close, have to go get ready and run an errand, you all take care and keep looking up for your redemption draws nigh!
Cheers ~ Louise


Attic Clutter said...

Oh the anchor cards are really darling
the puppy peeking through those gorgeous flower is so cute...!!!
I was going to say the post you left me today wasn't highlighted so I couldn't click on it to reurn to your blog..
Its the first time its done that..
just thought I'd let you know incase you've changed something ....a setting or ?

Anonymous said...

Hey Louise! I bought my pie pan at Bed Bath & Beyond - it's the 9 inch pan in this link:

I like that it's deeper than regular pie pans, and it's non-stick too!

Love the cards - you are so talented! I still have the birthday card you made me on my fridge! :D

Attic Clutter said...

hehe your doggy cracks me up (:)
yup it worked -this one- it was highlighted..
Zinnias me too this year got some seed..and nasturtiums too (:) I think both will grow well from a seed state don't you ?

Attic Clutter said...

oh seeds would be nice to have them come back year after year...
I thought the necklace chart was cute too(:)


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