Sunday, March 18, 2018

Some New Cards

Hi there everyone. Hope you had a wonderful weekend. Mine was interesting. JP had his tooth pulled on Friday at the oral surgeon. We also picked up our income tax papers. We will be getting a refund....Yay for that!!!

Also on Friday, I went shopping for a dryer. As long as JP was home convalescing with his pulled tooth and did not go to work. I. Got. The. Car. for the afternoon. Checked out 3 different stores. I almost bought a New Frigidaire for $400 + delivery, set up and take the old machine. ($490)

A New Speed Queen washer and dryer was priced at $2000.00......out of my budget (but it sure would be nice to have!!!) Off to the second store, a new Amana $420. A new Maytag $422. Off to the third store which was a used appliance store. A Kenmore, $250 including everything. Then there was the Maytag for $220 + delivery and pick up = $300 and from the looks of the condition it was brand new. I like Maytags....they last longer.

So I am excited about getting the dryer, but, have to wait till our refund comes, which might be in a week or so. Then it just might be another week till the dryer is delivered. In the mean time, it's hanging the clothes in the basement. What a chore!! So much easier to put the clothes in a dryer.....spoiled much????

Saturday was spent watching the Chicago Blackhawks lose 5-3 and tonight....they lost again 5-4 oh I understand why my step father got so disgusted with them. Hopefully the 2018-19 season will be better.
In these next couple of pictures are some cards I put together Saturday night. I got the idea at Hobby Lobby. They give card making classes there and always put the sample cards they will be making on the bulletin board. I always check out the bulletin board every time I go in there. I bought my Giraffe stamp a year ago, and finally used it with this idea.
My secret stamper friend sent me the "Hello" took me awhile to put this idea together, cause when I saw the giraffe sample at Hobby Lobby, the first thing I thought of was using the "Hello" with this giraffe on this card.
I used different colored card stock, which was fun. Some of the "Hello's" were colored in with copic markers depending on if there was contrasting colors. Some I just left plain. I rounded some corners and ruffed up edges on some of the cards.
I made about 20 of these cards, some will be for Hospice and some to just keep, maybe make them into birthday cards or thinking of you cards.
Two cards have been set aside for my secret stamper friend that sent me the "hello" die cut. I still have 12 flower images my stamper friend sent to make cards with, plus the two images I sent to my other secret stamper. I should get all these cards done by this week, as soon as I do, I will post them for you to see the finished products.

So this next week looks pretty quiet NOW....but who knows what will transpire in the next couple of days. Wednesday is "Betty Day" when I go to her house to make cards, I always look forward to that. JP gets his SS I can pay a few bills.....bills, bills bills, never ending!!!

Hey....Spring Begins on the sure has been nice these last couple of days. My crocuses are up and I noticed today the tulips are pushing up. I better cover them so the rabbits don't get to them first. I noticed the crocuses are being eaten up!! Must be the rabbits!!

Well, time to close here, you have a great week and keep looking up ~ better days are coming. Cheers ~ Louise

Thursday, March 15, 2018

The Luck of the Irish

Hi there everyone.....are you ready to celebrate St. Patty's Day???? Got my cards made, aren't they cute? Thanks to my "secret image stamper friend." She sent me these little leprechauns and I colored them in. These were extras. I have my secret stampers cards set to the side. 
I think I mentioned this once before. A secret stamper image is sent once a month, November thru April and then May thru October. We are given a name to send our images to. Our name is given to someone else. Last year, the lady had my name and I had her name....that was fun, when we had the revealing party, we were both surprised we had each other's name.  

We make 14 images, make two cards and then send 12 images to the person whose name we have and visa versa. It's quite the challenge to come up with a card using the image sent. Sometimes I have "brain block" then all of a sudden an idea comes and WA-LA and pretty cute card evolves!!! 
Here's my St. Patty's tree. As you can see, the red Elf would not leave his perch in the tree. I took him off......and he jumped back in....he said he liked the green lights and didn't want to leave. So I left him there. (to bad I could not find a green outfit....then he would have really blended in.) This is my first year for a St. Patty's tree....for the last couple of years I have thought about doing it, but didn't. I found some lights for half price and some shamrocks too. So, why not have a St. Patty's tree this year!!! I am not Irish....but it is always fun to celebrate special days.
This is my St. Patrick's Day center piece on the dinning room table. It always comes out every year. I have a Valentines, Christmas, Easter, Spring, Fall and Summer center piece. I like the changes of seasons.
Here are pictures of those cards again.....I was trying to eliminate the glare of the flash....put the cards in a plastic envelope...not a bad shot.
So tomorrow JP has an appointment to get a tooth pulled at the oral surgeon...he is not looking forward to that. Me neither, that means I will have to listen to his moans and groans for three days. I guess I shall be hiding in the basement.....making cards and hanging clothes on the line.

I got a call from the accountant this afternoon....our taxes are done. Gosh I hope we got a refund....that would be nice to have some extra money. For one reason, I need to get a new dryer. Our 27+ year old Speed Queen dryer sounds like a cement mixer when drying. I am now hanging clothes and towels on the lines in the basement. It's okay I guess, but towels and wash rags are so scratchy. Bummers...huh! Feels like the old days when we lived in Ladysmith in a Pole Shed. I just had a little washing machine and hung clothes in the house, good thing was, it put moisture back in the shed/house. We had a wood burning fire place and wood burning stove, so it was pretty dry in the shed.

Another thing I want to get done, is finally have a radio and CD player put in the car. I have been radio-less for over a year now. Maybe I can get that done. We have the CD player, it was given to us 10 years ago and has never been used. Time to get it in the car.

For the last couple of days I have been dealing with a plugged drain in the kitchen sink. I plunged and plunged and poured a whole bottle of Mister Plumber down the drain at intervals and plunged and plunged again. So much so....that the plunger too was old, it came with the house as did the dryer. So yesterday, I went to the Hardware store and got a new plunger...this is a real dandy, it's purple and plunges really good with much more power. Yep, got my drain unplugged, the dishes done and the water goes down the drain. Hooray!!!!

Well, I hope that is enough trials and tribulations to last me for the month all came in one week....the dryer, the drain and JP's tooth....enough already!!! You all have a great St. Patrick's Day, careful not to drink to much green beer....keep looking up.....better days are coming sooner then we think!!! Cheers ~ Louise

Wednesday, March 7, 2018

A Good Deal Today

Hi there everyone. The first 7 days of March have been busy and snowy....but, it's still winter. Spring starts March we have 13 days to go...yep and when Daylight savings starts, the days will be longer and we are on our way to SPRING!!!!

Today I got a good deal!!! All these stamps for $6.00!!! Some of the stamps still had their original price on the side. I estimated there are $125.00 worth of stamps...give or take a few dollars. I estimated on the low end. House Mouse stamps alone are $8-10. The "deep sea" stamps (in the left)were $10.00 originally, I paid $1.00.
I like the kid stamps. Will be perfect for making cards for the nieces and nephews. 
Will be fun to see what kind of cards I come up with.

We got our income tax done and taken to the now we wait to see if we are getting anything back. We usually do get a refund from both Wisconsin and the Federal. Last year I had to buy a stove. This year....we will have to invest in a dryer. I think the bearing is going out on this one. The dryer came with the house when we bought it almost 27 years ago. It's the last appliance to be replaced in the house.

I was hoping to be able to spend $50....guess that is out of the question. $50 is doable if we have to invest now.

I checked out the pre-owned appliance store....dryers were going for $250-$300, not including delivery. UGE....I wonder, might as well invest in a new dryer. Will have to check out VanVerde's for a new one. To have the old dryer fixed might cost around $200, if not more. Well, I have another place I want to check out, it's where we got our used washing machine. 

Hopefully we can limp along with this dryer until we get the money to get another dryer. It's all in the timing I guess. God knows our needs. Maybe I will invest in a little rack to air dry clothes for the time being. There is always something to occupy our time.

Well, time to close, JP will be home in about an hour and half. Still have to figure out what to make for dinner. You all have a good evening and keep looking up....better days are coming, sooner then we think. Cheers ~ Louise

Thursday, March 1, 2018

WOW ~ First Day of March - Keto Bread - Blackhawks

Hi there everyone. Here we gooooooooo!!! The first day of March....seems like every month has it's own celebration of some sort. This month it's the wearing of the green, even if you are not is the color. I love corned beef and cabbage, so most definitely there will be some corned beef cooking in the crock pot this month.

The Chicago Blackhawks are playing San Jose tonight.....the Hawks are losing so far 2-1. Well, it is only the first period, so we'll see what the score is in the 2nd and 3rd periods. This is the first time in 10 years the Hawks will not be in the Playoffs, not unless there is a major miracle and the Hawks pull it off....we'll see. 
I forgot to show you the cards we made at Betty's last Wednesday. Guess it did not cross my mind for some reason. Maybe too many other things on my mind. So the above card is a St. Patrick's Day card. A beer stein of green beer, I guess. It could be a "green river" Remember that drink....yep that was my favorite, Green River soda with French fries at the corner drug store!!! Gotta love those memories and carbs!!!!
This sure is a cute card. Betty said, "Because everyone has been sick" she wanted to make a card for them. I like that chicken. I will have to borrow that stamp sometime and make a few more cards like this one.
Pretty Spring, flowered card, using the copic markers. Makes for a nice card.
Another Spring card, using the copic markers. Betty designs all these cards, sometimes getting inspiration from magazines, card clubs that she belongs to and Pinterest. That's where I get a lot of my ideas too. Always fun to go there and see what's new.

So tonight I made some "Savory Keto Bread" looking forward to have some with an over easy egg in the morning. Here's the recipe.
2.5 cups almond flour
1/4 cup coconut flour
1/2 cup Kerrygold butter
8 oz cream cheese
8 whole eggs (set out at room temperature)
1 tsp Rosemary seasoning and 1 tsp. Sage seasoning
2 Tbs Parsley seasoning and 1.5 tsp baking powder
Cream together, butter and cream cheese until smooth. Add Rosemary, Sage and Parsley and whip until fully combined. Add the eggs and continue mixing till smooth. Finally add the flours and baking powder. The batter will be thick. Grease a loaf pan or 3 small loaf pans, or cup cake pans. Fill pans 1/2 way with the batter.
Bake 350 degrees.
35 minutes for small loaf pans.
55 minutes for large loaf pans.
15 minutes for cup cakes
Maybe one cup cake per meal or one slice per meal. Put a little butter on it too.....yummy!

Well the score is need to get excited about this game. I will keep it on though...just to listen. My step father (who is dead now) would have given up on them along time ago. He probably would be Rooting for the Las Vegas Golden Knights who are 1st in their division in the NHL. This is their first year playing, a new franchise, of castoff players that nobody wanted. Wouldn't you know it, they are out to prove they are the best!!!! I kinda knew that was going to happen.

The Hawks are one of the Original 6 teams that started back in the 20's and 30' there are 31 teams to keep track of, that's a lot of hockey players. Pops had season tickets back in the 60's when he married my mother. So we went to lots of Hockey games. Yep, Pops would have been disgusted with the Hawks about now and would most definitely be rooting for the Golden Knights!!

Hawks lost 7-2....bummers!!

Well, time to close here, have a great night and keep looking up ~ better days are coming. (when we see Jesus....those will be the better days, in heaven.) Cheers ~ Louise

Wednesday, February 28, 2018

WOW ~ Last Day of February!!

Hi there everyone. Hope you are enjoying the last day of February. Where did that time go. Was keeping busy with card making, organizing income taxes, losing weight on the Atkins/Keto diet and keeping my blood sugars down. Yeah, it's been an okay month. Looks like March will come in like a lion with cold....hopefully go out like a lamb.
The above card is a sample of a birthday card I made for the oldest nephew...he'll be 9 years old. I will take a picture of the card in a few days. I decided to make 4 of these cards for the 2 nephews and 2 nieces. That will make things easy, won't have to think of 3 more ideas.....keep it simple, sam!!!
So our back yard is in very bad shape. It flooded out.....what a mess!! This is the worse, it has ever been in the 26 years we have lived here We live in the lowest part of the block. So all the rain water drains into our yard. Last year was bad, but not as bad as this. 
It rained all night last week and the water spread into the pond area. The yard was under water completely. Thank God it did not spread into our basement. I can't imagine what people are going through when there houses are under water.
Looks like an ice skating if I had some ice skates, I could have tried it out!! This would have been great when I was younger....I loved ice skating, but I fell in a hole and sprained my ankle and never skated again.
The flooding spread back into my fire pit area. There's no grass growing back there, now I think the whole back yard will be like the fire pit area. I put some grass seed down last summer....but nothing grew. Guess I will try again.

As of the last couple of days, the weather has been in the 40's so the ice melted quite a bit. Our yard is starting to look normal again. I will be glad when Spring arrives and things start turning green again.

I have some good news about my Atkins/Keto diet. This morning, when I checked my blood sugars, I write everything down on a sheet. Also figured is my weight. So, I lost 1 pound in February....that's not much. BUT when I started this diet on 7/5/17....the grand loss is now 22 lbs. Not bad for this old girl. My Doctor will be happy. Hopefully my A1C will be in the low numbers too.

Well, time to close here. Have to go finish working on my taxes. You have a great day March 1st...hope the Lion does not roar too loudly in your area of the country. Keep looking up ~ better days are coming, soon!! Cheers ~ Louise

Saturday, February 24, 2018


Hi there everyone. How is Saturday treating you??? I am kind of lazy today. Many things to do, but just backing off. I wandered around Jimmy Swaggarts music, probably listening for over an hours worth of music on You Tube. I love this song and there was such an anointing here....wish I could have been there. I miss the beautiful worship at my old church....Thank God I can go to JSM for my spiritual needs now.

Have a good Saturday evening and don't forget to go to church tomorrow!!! Keep looking up ~ better days are coming. Cheers ~ Louise

Friday, February 23, 2018

Billy Graham's Last Message to America & the World...listen carefully...

Hi there everyone. Hope you are doing well. I found Billy Graham's last message and thought I would share it with you. This is so powerful. 

There is a prophecy out there that when Oral Roberts and Billy Graham die...God will begin the revival. I know there have been many revivals.....but this will be God's Revival. So, Get ready.
Here we go!!!

I wanted to put this on my I can listen to it every now and then. Billy Graham touched my life...I wouldn't be here today if he hadn't pointed his finger at me through the TV and said, "You go to Church this weekend." I said yes, it's quite the testimony, when I think about it.

Have a good day or night....where ever you are. Keep looking up ~ better days are coming!!! Cheers ~ Louise

Monday, February 19, 2018

A Little Bit of This and That

Hi there everyone. Hope you are still enjoying this Valentine Month. Thought as long as we are still in the month, I could share our Valentine's Day with you.
These are the flowers I bought for me, from JP and Kylie.....a bunch of little carnations....sweet aren't they? JP gave me a book mark, made from a card I made for him and he recycled it from Christmas!!!!
These are the cards I made for JP. The red one with the hearts and butterfly is from me. I rather like that card and if I can remember, I'll make more like this for Hospice next year. The "Eye-Love-You" card is from Kylie. That was fun to make, a fun kids card.
This is the inside of the card, that's my!
Last but not least.....I still have my Christmas tree up.....yep!!! But it's a Valentine Tree. I like the lights.....maybe if I can find the lights, decorations, I will make a St. Patrick's tree. We'll see....not ready to take the tree down yet.

The Blackhawks are playing the Los Angeles Kings. Hawks are losing 3-0....oh honestly. Maybe I don't want to watch the slaughtering of the Hawks again. They just came out of a 8 game losing streak and won Saturday 8-1 against the Washington Senator's. The Hawks are not playing the way they played Saturday night......can't seem to figure out what the problem is. It can't be because the regular Goalie is out.....can it???

Tomorrow I have an appointment with the eye doctor. He is going to check to see if his laser job worked on my eye. Guess there was a hole in the retina. I haven't noticed any difference, so to me, everything is okay.

Wednesday, is my date at Betty's to make cards. I missed last month, because I was sick. I can't remember the last time I was that sick. Better now, guess it takes a while to get better after a bout with the flu.

JP has to make an appointment with our Doctor and fill out a form with him for his job. They want to know if he is capable of still working.....(sigh). He is capable, but they (his supervisor) is questioning it. They give him so much to accomplish in one night and then the building he cleans, they want extra work done. "I think they are wanting "Superman" to clean the building!!!!! Just my observation....but that doesn't count!!

Still working on my Atkins Diet. I hope tomorrow I break that plateau I have been on for a week or so. Gets a little frustrating at times. I am finding a few blogs that have great recipes for the low carb, protein diet. The other day I made a Keto mug bread for my hamburger.....gosh that was good!! I have the ingredients for Keto Pizza Skillet. With plans to make Keto Fathead Sugar Cookies, Fathead Pizza Dough...lots of ideas. The other day I made Keto chicken soup called "Sopa de lima" peppers, tomatoes, chicken....then I added some avocado and cilantro seasoning.

I am really enjoying this diet actually....the last time I tried this, last July, lost 10 lbs and have managed to keep it off. Now if I could do another 10-15 lbs and keep it off, that would be an accomplishment for me. I ask God every night to help me. I think He is helping. I know my mind has to change first. Cause if you gave me a big bag of chips.....I could finish it off....with no problem or a whole plate of fries. I LOVE CARBS but they are the killer!!!

Time to close. The score is still 3-0. I want to watch the rest of the game, I will up-date you. You have a great day tomorrow and keep looking up...better days are coming (I am sure of it.)
Cheers ~ Louise

Monday, February 12, 2018

Kylie Wants Some Too

Hi there you all doing??? I have been kind of quiet this past week. Working on taxes and getting all "those papers" organized. Who said, "with computers, we will go paperless??" I think someone was dreaming probably....hahahaha!

So, I am taking a night off from you know, I have papers from all the way back to 2004 and older (those may be down stairs). I guess it is time to have all those papers shredded. Our bank does shredding, so as soon as I go through all those papers  pulling staples and paper clips off, should have a couple of bags.

Seven years is all I have to keep some stuff. I have "a list of things to save and how long." It looks like Bank reconciliations, Bank statements, duplicate deposit slips, ins. policies (expired) are less then 5 years. 7 years for accident reports, contracts, mortgages, notes and leases, expired. 7 years for stock and bond certificates (cancelled) and withholding tax statements.

Papers to keep permanently - checks (cancelled for important payments i.e. taxes, purchases of property, special contracts, etc. and those checks should be filed with the important papers pertaining to those payments. Contracts, mortgages, notes and leases (expired and still in effect). Insurance records, current accident reports and claims. Property appraisals and property records and tax returns and worksheets. Hope that helps does me.

So today I made this for JP's lunch. Three layers of French toast with bacon and fruit on each layer,  then topped with yogurt. Looks pretty good....huh?
See Kylie in the corner.....she is barking for a taste or a pieces of Daddy's lunch. She'll bark and bark till she gets a bite. I finally have to say, "that's enough Kylie" and she stops barking.
Here's another shot of that delicious three layered French toast, fruit and strawberry shortcake.
Barking, barking, barking. Kylie is 14 years old now. She has her days where she feels good, and days when she does not. I have changed her diet and give her less people food and "Beneful" and more "Freshpet". She also gets "Milk bones" and "Special Cuts" as treats. It all seems to be working. 
Just another shot of JP's lunch and Kylie barking.

So today, I started my Dr. Atkins diet again. Cutting out carbs (or just not eating as much) for about a month. The last time I did this diet was last July and lost 10 lbs. and have managed to keep those 10lbs off. My A1c was at a good number too. So I thought I would do it again. As my Blood test is in April....would be nice to have lost another 10-15 lbs. 

It is a high protein and low carb diet. Eggs and bacon or sausage in the morning. Salads for lunch and meats and vegies for dinner and not too much snacking in between meals. It's pretty doable for me and when I see the scale start moving down, I 'll get very motivated to keep going. I have 3 Dr. Atkin books for lot's of recipes and Walmart has Dr. Atkins bars and meals in the freezer dept. So I usually pick up a couple for breakfast or dinner.

I will let you know how things go the rest of this month and the beginning of March. Have to go now, it's getting late and I have to get JP's dinner ready. Pork chops, mashed potatoes and bean casserole and his left over lunch, French toast and fruit.

Have a good evening and keep looking up....better days are coming. Cheers ~ Louise

Saturday, February 3, 2018

February ~ What's UP!!!

Hi there everyone. Wow....February and what's up??? Thought I would add another picture of the peony stamp I bought from Altenew. This one looks like it might be a water color rendition of the peony. Looks like fun. I do have the die cut that goes along with this stamp. So most definitely I will have to try this effect.
Started working on my income tax....first I have to go through the files, cleaning everything from 2017 out and start the year fresh....out with the old and in with the new I always say!!! (and I have a lot of OLD to throw out ~ upstairs, downstairs and in the garage.) Maybe 2018 will be my "throw out the junk year." After living in this house for almost 27 years, we have a lot of old to throw out, no doubt.

Otherwise, it looks like February will be quiet....for now. I really need to get some cards made.....looks like Valentines day is coming up soon, an anniversary and birthday at the beginning of March. 

Hospice meeting March 2nd....things might be a bit easier this month. As I finally made labels to place in the cards rather then the regular inserts. So if there happens to be a card with a saying inside, rather then take it out and replace with the Hospice insert, I can just place a label at the bottom of the saying. This might save some time, making life easier.

Well, think I will close here for's 12:03am....time to go to bed. You all take care and keep looking up....better days are coming. Cheers ~ Louise

Monday, January 29, 2018

Finally......Feeling Better

Hi there everyone. Yes.....finally feeling better. This has been quite a bout with the flu or whatever this was. Now JP has it. Lots of coughing and hacking and blowing the nose. Tiredness and no ambition to do anything but sleep. Didn't even feel like blogging....nope, had nothing to say and no pictures to add to this blog.

To top that off, my computer decided to act up....for some reason it was not letting me in. I am wondering if I got hacked???? I finally had to let the computer reset itself back to when I first got it. Which meant I lost some programs, like Microsoft Word, a few games and Norton to name just a few, oh and my screen saver pictures.

Norton was telling me I needed to buy a new subscription.....that was upsetting me, because I still had 2 months left before I had to renew, which will be $100. Then losing my Microsoft Word, was another bummer. I ended up having to buy a subscription yesterday, for a year at $69 and will have to renew next January. Not exactly sure how I got the previous program. I finally did find the games that I lost, I like scrabble and Yahtzee, found them, which were free. Now I guess I can get on with life for awhile. Till something else happens to my computer. Computers are kinda expensive to have I think.

The picture above is another idea for the new peony stamp I bought from Altenew. Looking forward to making a few cards with this stamp in the next few weeks.

My card making "mojo" has been very low. On a scale of 1 to 10, I'm probably a 2 or 3, no creative juices flowing!!!! I did manage to get some cards put together for the Hospice meeting on the 26th. What I did was pull a bunch of cards together that were in my inventory. Made a few Valentine's Day cards and placed the inserts for Heartland Hospice in all the cards. My next batch of cards, I will make labels and place them at the bottom of the card instead of ripping the inserts out with the sayings on them and replacing with the Heartland Hospice insert. So much extra work eliminated. I noticed that the other ladies were just using labels.....I thought, why can't I???? So now that I have my Word program, why not make labels???? The message is still the same.

Finally....took my Christmas Village down today.....I guess that is a sign that I am feeling better. I left my table top Christmas tree is decorated in red for Valentine's Day. I'll take it down before St. Patricks.....not unless I change my mind....who knows.

Well time to close here. You all have a great day and keep yourself healthy, get plenty of rest and stay away from the coughers and sneezers!!! Keep looking up ~ better days are coming. 
Cheers ~ Louise

Sunday, January 21, 2018

Still Taking Some R&R

Hi there everyone. Yes....I am still fighting the flu....but getting better. Actually made some dinner tonight. Haven't really felt like eating, so JP has had to fend for himself. One good thing about this flu, lost some weight. Hooray for that!!! Now if I can just keep it off and keep going at this pace!!

I did go out to the store Saturday, JP drove me there. I had two sales this past week, one on Etsy and one through JP's work. That was a totally good surprise. The sale on Etsy was a surprise too, but having to pack the figurine and waiting to see if the transaction was deposited in my account took most of the week. Then take the item to the post office. I didn't want to wait too long on getting the item out, it was going down to Texas and was a gift for the buyers friend. 

My little excursion on Saturday, did take it's toll....sure was pooped by the time I got home. Bought something at the buffet so I did not have to cook. Kylie needed some food, JP needed his fruit, plus a few other things were needed. I think I slept a couple of hours after shopping.

Well, all went well and the package is off and will meet it's destination on Wednesday. Hopefully the buyer is happy with her purchase.
The above card is another look at the stamp I bought from Altenew. I am not quite sure how this card was done....maybe watercolors. I really like this peony and can't wait to play with it.

I probably will get a chance this week, as our Hospice meeting is this Friday and I need to get at least 50 cards put together before then. Nothing like waiting to the last minute. But then, I work better with deadlines....don't know why. Sometime my best work comes out of a deadline.

I am still going to take it easy this week though....R& the word for this week. "Rest and Recuperation." Hopefully by Friday this flu thing will be over with. But now I think JP is coming down with it......hope we don't share it back and forth. 

Guess I will close this post.....just rambling on and on. You all take care of yourselves and keep looking up, better days are coming!!!
Cheers ~ Louise

Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Taking a Rest!!!

A Wordless Wednesday kind of day............
Missed my card making day at Betty's today. Kind of sick, coughing, coughing, coughing....uge!!

Think I will make this card, as I have the stamps. Have a great day!!! Cheers ~ Louise

Saturday, January 6, 2018

A New Year ~ What Will Transpire??

Hi there everyone. How is your New Year going so far?? Already it is January 6th.....where oh where did that time go??? I took down 1/2 my Christmas stuff. I still have my village up and my little table top Christmas tree is now decorated for Valentine's Day. I found some red Christmas decorations at Walmart at 50% off. I could not resist. Red snowflakes, a red butterfly and two red hummingbirds. Sweet. I still have to finish decorating the tree with a few more things, beads, bows and bulbs. I will take a picture when finished.

I have an apple pie in the oven right now. I can hardly wait to try it. It's called "Apple Crumb Cheesecake Pie" I am going to see if I can get the video up on this post. video. But here is a picture of the cake/pie.
 Well, I just had a piece of pie with a small scoop of vanilla Geleto ~ YES this is worthy of making again and again. It was simple to make. I used a Pillsbury pie crust. Made the cheese spread with 1-8 oz package of cream cheese, softened. 1/4 cup sugar and 1 large egg and beat together. This mixture is then spread on the unbaked pie crust.

The apple pie filling. 6 cups of apples, peeled and diced and 2 T. lemon juice poured over the apples so they don't brown (I used frozen apples, no need for lemon juice). 1/2 cup packed brown sugar, 1/4 cup sugar, 1/4 cornstarch, 1 t ground cinnamon, 1/4 t nutmeg, 1/4 t. salt 1 cup water.

Stir together the sugars, cornstarch, spices and salt in a sauce pan, whisk in the water until everything is dissolved. Bring to a boil then reduce the heat and simmer till thickened.  Add the apples then increase the heat to medium, cook and stir together for 10 minutes. Remove the pan from the heat and let the mixture cool. 

The directions say to refrigerate the filling in an airtight container for 4-6 hours to thicken. But I poured the mixture over the cheese right away. Did not seem to affect the pie any.

The crumb topping is 1/4 cup flour, 1/4 cup quick cooking oats, 1/4 cup packed brown sugar, 1/2 t. cinnamon, 1/4 t. nutmeg, 2 T melted butter. Mix altogether till crumbled and spread on top of the apples.
Bake at 375 degrees for 40 minutes. DELICIOUS !!

 How do you like these Valentine cards, I found them on Pinterest. I think I will make a few of these to send to the nephews and nieces. LOL....I think they are cute!! I do have PLENTY of eyes.

Funny cards will love them.

This heart with one eye is cute, I am trying to figure out how to put this one together. I do have that stamp..."I've got my eye on You" I have a few weeks to play with it though.

I guess I am going to start working on our income tax. We got our work sheets from the accountant today. So, the sooner I get them done the sooner we might have a refund. I just have to get my rear in gear and motivate myself to do it.

We have quite a few Doctor appointments coming up in the next couple of months for both JP and I. Why does it seem the older we get the more the Doctors want to see our bodies. I don't remember seeing the Doctor that much in my 30's and 40's, maybe for only the annual exam...oh well, I guess they have to eat too. JP always says that. And I say, yeah, but not on my nickle!!! Boo, bad sport!!

We ended 2017 with car problems, the car was leaking antifreeze. Took it in, JP thought the clamps needed to be tightened, they did that, but it still leaked. So we started 2018 with car problems. On  Friday, JP took the car back in and it was decided we needed a new water pump. The water pump was on warranty, which saved some money. So we just have to pay for labor. Whew, glad it was not more then $100.

Since I do not have a crystal ball, I cannot say what will transpire this New Year....maybe I do not want to know, I might not want to take that leap into the unknown. I just hope I can draw closer to Jesus and seek Him more for all my needs. It is so easy to walk this life without inquiring  of the Lord as to what to do next. I used to do that...ok Lord, what do I do next. But I forgot, and stopped doing it. I think 2018 should be my year to depend on God more for my every need. Oh, know God is inspiring me to write this, He will take me at my word.....this should be an interesting year!!

Well, time to close here....this post is getting a bit tooooooo long.
You all take care, keep looking up ~ better days are coming!!
Cheers ~ Louise

Sunday, December 31, 2017

Happy New Year!!!

Wishing you all a Happy New Year. May this new year bring you much happiness and good health. May all your needs be met by God, spiritually, physically and financially. Minus not too much sadness.
Thanks to all of you that followed along with me this past year. It's been fun posting about cards, food, flowers, gardens and ideas. Sometimes it is hard to come up with something to write, so I found that posting once a week was a bit easier for me. Didn't feel under bondage to produce a post when there was nothing to talk about. I just may do that again, so fear not, if you do not see me on a regular basis. I do visit many of you everyday, sorry I don't always comment on a daily basis.

But, maybe 2018 will be different. I like the new year, it's a new slate and a new beginning. Not going to make any resolutions here....because they are soooo hard to keep. And, there again, I don't want to put myself under bondage again, it's just too hard to live up to the expectations that I place on myself. Trying to do things that are just too hard to attain.

Live each day to the best of my ability, is all I can do. I tried to do better at everything, but that only led to a few bleeding ulcers over the of them, I almost died from. So, it takes me a long time to learn a lesson...but I eventually get it and hopefully am not too late learning it.

One thing I will do draw closer to God. Read his word everyday.....that is doable, even if it's just a verse or two or a chapter. Being thankful for all HE does in my life and how HE shows Himself real in my daily life. Day in and day out. Yep, that's what I need to do.

As I type this post....the Green Bay Packers are playing the Detroit Lions. Packers are losing 11-35, the game is almost over. Whew, no more games till next season. Hopefully things will be better and Aaron Rogers will be back to play.

Well, I still have the Chicago Blackhawks to root for, hopefully they will be contenders for the Stanley Cup. NASCAR starts up again 2/18/18 so we have that to look forward to also.

Well, time to close this post for the year. You all have a great night and a Happy New Year. Keep looking up ~ better days are coming.
Cheers ~ Louise

Friday, December 29, 2017

Prime Rib Roast for Christmas Day

Hi there everyone. Hope you had a wonderful Christmas and enjoyed your day with or without family and friends around you. Ours was very quiet, JP and I and Kylie.....we like it like that though, so I am not complaining. 

Christmas Eve, we missed Church because our car was leaking antifreeze....way too much. So we stayed home and had church on TV. We like Jimmy Swaggart Ministries and there is church every Sunday, Sunday Evening and Wednesday. If you ever want to check out the services, go to Swaggart Ministries is on 24/7.

Christmas Eve, I was wrapping a few gifts to put under the tree....I am still a child at heart and like to have a few presents under the tree. Christmas day we had breakfast, an egg and sausage casserole, which was yummy. Then we opened presents, JP got a pair of work pants, a bottle of Mystery Marvel Oil, a neck pillow, a can of pop-corn, a promise ticket for a new pair of shoes and six dollars in quarter for apple juice at work. I got a Chicago Blackhawk beanie hat, a large blue Pyrex watercolor casserole dish, (you can see part of the dish in the 3 pictures I cooked the roast in). I too, got a promise ticket for a new spring-form pan for cheese cake and a few other recipes I have found using a spring-form pan.
So here you see, my plate of goodness....can you see how juicy the meat looks, gosh it was delicious. Potatoes, asparagus, the meat and gravy. Salad and relish tray.

Here I have the meat sitting in my new blue Watercolor Pyrex dish. I let it sit on the counter for about 45 minutes so it got to room temperature. Will cook more evenly and the meat won't be tough.
Here is the meat covered in the spread of: 7 cloves of garlic minced, 1 cup of butter (I used 1/2 cup), 1 T. rosemary, 1 T thyme, 1 T pepper and 1 T salt. (double spices if your roast is bigger) Mix altogether and spread over the roast and on the sides and bottom. Bake 500 degrees for 5 minutes per lb. then turn off the oven and let the roast sit in the oven for 2 not peek. 
Here is the Prime Rib roast all cooked up. It wasn't quite done here. (I heard the meat still mooing) So I stuck it back in the oven for another 10 minutes at 450 degrees, took it out and let it rest for 15 minutes....Yup....a perfect cooked piece of meat. No mooing was heard.
I cooked up some potatoes, thinking I would do mashed potatoes. But changed my mind and fried them, some oil and salt was all I used.
JP's plate of goodness. As you can see, he was already cutting his meat into chunks, he didn't put his vegies on the plate.....FIRST the meat and potatoes!!!

So there you have it....our Christmas dinner. We were blessed with this meal, as JP received money from the people he works for. That was so nice of them. I sent them a Thank You card.

Time to close this post....maybe one more for this year on Sunday, the 31st. Until then, have a great day and keep looking up, better days are coming. Cheers ~ Louise

Saturday, December 23, 2017

Christmas Day is Right Around the Corner

Hi there everyone......whoever you are???? Are you ready for the big day???? I guess I am....I owe a few cards to people I did not send to, I will make some "Happy New Year" cards for them. Have a few gifts to wrap for JP and myself. But I can do that rush!

JP received some money as a Christmas gift from the people he works with....that was a pleasant surprise. SO.....I was able to buy a 4lb Boneless Rib Roast (prime rib). I am so looking forward to making that on Christmas. I will take pictures and tell you how I made it.....very simple directions. The roast will cook in the oven at 500 degrees for 5-7 minutes then rest for two hours with the oven off. Guess it depends if I want it medium or rare. I'd like it pink.....but not mooing!!!

Made some "Peanut Brittle" and "Healthy No Bake Chocolate Peanut Butter Crunch Bars" tonight. There's a lot of sugar involved in these recipes. Here's a picture of the Brittle. No picture of the "Healthy No Bake Crunch Bars"
 The Peanut Brittle wasn't too hard to make. It's made in the microwave, poured on a cookie sheet, cooled and broken into pieces. Was fun to make. Going to give some to the Pastor tomorrow along with some Healthy Crunch Bars. He's a truck driver, so he likes lots of goodies in his lunch box. As does JP when he is at work.
 I made this Apple Pie a couple of days ago.....there is only one piece left....pies don't last long around here.
 Thought I would show you my little village. I added three new things to it this year. The background, the 2 new fences and if you can see it, a snowman water tower to the right of the church. I usually leave my village up till mid-January. It takes me all day to put it up and then all day to take it down. Below the village, is my manger scene....that's about 30 years old now.
Here's my little Christmas tree. I added some purple sparkly them at Walmart. I think I will try and get some more, hopefully there will be some left for 50% off. I probably will leave my tree up till Valentine's Day....make it all red, lights, ornaments, beads and of course the elf stays. I usually put it in the corner, where my village sits right now.

Well, I guess I'll close here. Bad news, The Green Bay Packers lost 13 to 0 and the Chicago Blackhawks lost 4-1. Not a good night for both teams. So keep looking up, better days are coming.
Cheers ~ Louise


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