Saturday, February 9, 2019

The Title??? Modge Podge Life

Hi there everyone. Well, it sure has been awhile since I last posted on my blog. Three weeks, guess I could have gone longer, but even I was getting tired of that sure was good though and easy to make. I made another pie a week later, but only chocolate....was good, but much too runny. Guess I needed to cut down on the milk. Live and learn I guess.

Don't you just love this meme...definitely, a dog is man's best friend. As is God, our best friend too. To bad He is being chased out of Homes, Schools, Churches and Washington D.C. plus each State. Sad commentary. It's no wonder this Country is a MESS!!!!
I think this is a cute card below....I have not made this card as yet. Have to buy some balloons. Looks so simple but yet a fun card that the nieces and nephew's will have fun receiving. I shall have to check out this blog to see what other ideas she has....but this card caught my eye and had to save it with plans of making them some day.
Here are some pretty flowers for you....wishing you a Happy Valentine's Day. I have no special plans except possibly, I might pick up some strawberries and chocolate and try my hand at making "chocolate covered strawberries" Mmmmm sounds good!
Probably make a special dinner of steak and fries and maybe a cake too.
I have been spending a lot of time watching Hockey....I sure do like hockey, better then football. Football is soooo slowwww compared to hockey. The Blackhawks were not doing too good the beginning of this season. Then the coach was fired and the Hawks got a new coach who has been leading them to a much better season. They are actually looking at getting into the playoffs.....that sure would be great.

I used to go to the games back when I was a teenager. Pops had season tickets, so I went to all the home games. Back then there was only 6 teams. Now there are 31 teams, that is how big Hockey has gotten in the States and Canada.
I found a couple of threads on the Internet that I follow while watching the Hawks play. There is usually about 10 - 15 people chiming in, rooting for the Hawks or telling different players to get of the ice because they are worthless......they better read the above sign!!! But it is fun, keeping up with them, feels like I am at a hockey game. I do enjoy watching the other teams play too and do follow other teams, but the Hawks are my favorite. And my favorite player is Patrick Kane #88. Hopefully some day I can get a Patrick Kane jersey to wear while watching the Hawks play.
Don't you just love the above meme....."A list of sports better than Hockey" Ummmm, there are none!!! Hockey is the Best!!

Weather has been pretty cold with quite a few days below 0 with lots of snow. I sure will be glad when winter is over. I noticed on Facebook, someone posted that it is only 30 days and Day light Savings will be here....I like when the time changes, although I don't like having to change all the clocks in our house. We never did change the time in the car (mainly because we did not know how) we won't have to worry about that one.

We had to buy a new battery for the car last week....that was not in the budget....but at least we know the car will start. I have to buy a new printer. (Also not in the budget) Buying a color cartridge is $30 verses a new printer is $30. Weird! May as well get a new printer I say.

Well, time to close here, I am getting a little wordy and probably lost a few of you along the way. You all have a great night and keep looking up, better days are coming. Cheers ~ Louise

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