Thursday, October 10, 2013

Card Making and a Turkey

Hi everyone, hope you are having a great day. I love these Fall days, so beautiful with the temps a comfortable 70 degrees in Appleton, at the moment, so it says on "Weatherblink" I will take these days anytime, but I guess there will be scattered showers on Saturday. Guess we can use the rain.

I am planning to have a "one day garage sale" tomorrow. Friday's usually are a good day, still have some stuff to sell....hopefully more will go so I have less to pack away till the next sale, next year.

Well, as you can see by the pictures, I had my monthly card making session at a friends house. It's just the four of us, we meet the second Wednesday at high noon, there is lots of good talking and making of cards. In this picture you can see all three cards made and a surprise Turkey!!!
In the above picture is a "Birthday Wishes" card, a very simple card but very elegant. My problem always lies in that, I like the look, but cannot duplicate it cause I don't have the papers or punches or stamps.......oh well.
This was a fun card to make, just tabs of paper in different colors, a butterfly punch was used then fitted inside a different colored butterfly. (does that make sense??) Then strips of paper glued at the top and a greeting layered on top with gems to embellish the card.
Now here is that cute turkey made with a "Stampin Up bow making punch". I thought it was a cute idea, although I may not make anymore. The other ladies were making patterns so they could make more turkeys. I was busy making my turkey. By the time they started, I had finished my turkey....hummmmm, wonder if using tootsie rolls would be good for the legs. Maybe someday.........but I guess that one particular punch is about $ much for my blood.
In this picture is the football player....think I will give this one to Josh, as he is an avid football and wrestler....maybe next month I will see if Betty has this stamp and maybe stamp a few little boys for my inventory. I could make some for the little nephews in Illinois....but using "Bear colors" instead, green and gold would not work well in "Bear Country"!!

Well, time to close and go take a walk with Kylie. She will be letting me know pretty soon that it is time. Then it is off to the basement to make some cards. I have hospice coming up, so I need to put 50-75 cards together and put a set of 12 note cards together for my Etsy store. Gonna be a busy night. Need to make a garage sale sign too, because at my last sale, a sign was stolen....geez, some peoples children!!!

Have a great night and keep looking up for your redemption draws nigh!!!
Cheers ~ Louise


Brenda in IN said...

All three of these cards are great. The turkey cracks me up! So cute.

I use internet explorer too but it has been acting up lately. That's a good idea to use a smaller picture. I don't have many of me. The one I used I took myself. I'll look for one that I can crop down. Thanks for your help.

Biz said...

Aw, I love how the turkey turned out - so cute! You are so talented!

Hope you had a great weekend Louise!


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