Monday, June 17, 2013

Garden Walk on Saturday 15th

Hi Everyone. Well today I am taking you on a Garden Walk JP and I went on Saturday the 15th. The weather was threatening to rain but it didn't rain till the evening.

House #1 ~ In the above picture we are at a garden in Appleton that had 703 different types of hostas. My goodness it was a gorgeous back yard. Oh and with different backyard decks, which I did not take pictures of, but I could see one being the morning deck for coffee and the second deck being the dinner deck. (sigh-dream, dream, dream)
In the picture above of the same garden walk is this cute idea of an old wooden ladder with a cute little clememtis climbing up.......I thought was very cute, we shall be on the look out for an old ladder now. Not sure where I will put it though.
In this picture is one of the many hostas, with a lovely rose growing by it. Not sure of it's name, but I thought it was so very lovely what with the wind chimes chiming and the roses growing.
House #2 ~ This metal watering can caught my eye the moment we walked up to this garden.....I said Jay, I need to get a metal watering can and bird bath.........sooooo cute! The can is hanging from a shepherds hook and there are rocks inside the watering can to keep it hanging at the angel it is. Little crystals hang from the spout to look like water. Sweet.
House #2 ~ Had this cute garden bench along side the garden shed, another thing to make for my back yard. I do have a door already, just need to find a wooden table........cute, cute, cute!!! Some people are so creative!!!!
 House #3 ~ This back yard was just totally big and lucious. I love the way they designed a garden next to their garden shed. There was another garden on the other side, but alas I did not take a picture of it.
 House #3 ~ had many trees in their back yard with lots of different hostas growing under the trees. Very pretty.
 House #4 ~ They had this beautiful water fountain, oh golly it was just beautiful sounding, there were goldfish in this pond. The water was going down two sides of the fountain.
 House #4 ~ Here is a lovely fire-pit. Really a nice back yard. The people had pictures of what their yard looked like over the years and there was once a round swimming pool where the fire-pit is sitting. There was a big deck and a bath house with another little fountain......then you walked down some steps and up some more slab steps all the while walking along a little creek. Very rustic and most beautiful.
House # 4 ~ this was the walk up to the front yard.....they found some blue mulch to distingquish the walk and where the plants the background is a ceramic deer.......was a very nice walk.

We missed one house and started our Garden Walk at the Extension Office, I didn't take any pictures there. Although if you go down about 4-5 blogs you will find the 15th annual plant sale at the Extension Office. I took a few pictures that day of their garden.

Well I think I shall close this blog for today.........there has been alot of storms going through, I've shut down the computer twice already. Sooo, now I think I will go downstairs and work on some cards and try to get a few cards into my Etsy store and on later.
Take care and keep looking up for your redemption draws nigh.
Cheers ~ Louise


sweetvintageofmine said...

Evening Louise, I'm so glad you stopped by my blog today! I LOVE a garden tour....this was lovely! I am your newest follower and I would love to have you as a follower! (mine is near bottom of blog) Seems we have a lot in common and that's always nice! please lets keep in touch! Blessings~~~Roxie

Anonymous said...

I wish I was that creative with gardening - I love that water can/bird bath too!

What a lovely way to spend the afternoon too - glad the weather held!

Attic Clutter said...

cheers Louise(:)
what a fun walk
love that
darling potting shed(:)

Patricia said...

I miss the garden tours that a local community garden group sponsored. We'd drive to six or seven gardens and also to a garden tea for lunch. It was a fabulous day, but sadly they no longer do the tours or the tea. Now they sponsor a gathering in the park and it's just not the same. I'm glad that we had the experience though. My cousins and I have fond memories of the times we did go.
Liberty is a girl puppy and she does love time out on the lake. We have a few things to teach her, like how to get back up the ladder into the boat. It would save the carpet from muddy foot prints from when she get's back onto the boat from the shore.


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