Friday, April 26, 2013

In Answer To My Prayers...and The Tree Finally Came Down!

Yep..........hip-hip-hooray!!! I have hated this tree for 22 years and FINALLY it came down yesterday with the help of the City of Appleton. I am soooooo thankful that this tree met it's demise. It was a messy tree that caused many problems.
It's name is "Siberian Ash" should have stayed in Siberia. I never cared for it's spreading of little seeds, on a windy day it would look like snow....but those little seeds would start to grow into little trees with roots going so deep, it was sometimes hard to pull out those roots and they had to be snipped off. I was always pulling those little trees, like weeds, before they got started, all summer long. Fall would come and this Siberian Ash was always the last to drop it's leaves and there were little spots on the leaves.....diseased???? There I was, after raking leaves from my "Soft Maple".......finally this dreaded tree would drop it's leaves. They weren't big leaves, no, little leaves that were hard to rake!!! 
Another thing it did was drop limbs and twiggy branches all over our yard after a storm and there I was, picking up after it. My biggest fear was that we would have a bad storm and it would fall and land on our house while knocking out the electric. The above picture was taken from my back yard.....I think now we will get more sun in our backyard. This tree was done growing and was matured, so the workers said. When I pass by walking Kylie, I shall count the circles to see just how old this tree is.
In this picture, the storm of April 10th caused a lot of problems for the neighbors. You can see all the limbs this tree dropped plus one of the branches sheared the neighbors electric meter and shut down electric for us and the rest of the neighbors on this block.

Many times I would pray....God, get rid of that tree. I often thought I would drive some copper nails into the base of that tree....trees don't like copper and it kills them, so I have been told. So, God took care of it........I was not looking forward to the stuff this tree drops, the seeds, leaves, branches, twigs. This kind of tree needs to be in a forest, not in the "city limits" Amen and Good-bye you miserable tree.......Good-bye!!!! I was not a fan and will not miss you!!!

We are celebrating today, so you all have a great day and enjoy the season of Spring and
 keep looking up for your redemption draws nigh.
Cheers and more Cheers ~ Louise

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Attic Clutter said...

oh your messy tree down(:)
we have a huge maple above our deck,picnic area and the shade and privacy it gives...but lordy the messy tiny blossoms
dropping awful for a week or two
sweep sweep sweet..constantly..


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