Saturday, March 2, 2013

More Cards Made and in the Making......

Well, here are some more cards for you to take a peek at. The above #4 card is one I sent to the great nephew (or is it grand nephew) for his 4th birthday. Making this card is what got me started into making these # cards for children. You can seen how my cards have "evolved" from this one with more balloons. Which the above card could have used more of. 

Good news.....I just got an order last night for a card........the person having a birthday is going to be 105 years old!!! So guess what....I am making a card with "105" and a "model T Ford" with lots of balloons to fill the card up!! The inside will say "God loves you".

I have also made a card for someone in "blog-land" that I am a regular visitor to who is having her 45th birthday this month. So, guess what again....I made a "#45" birthday card! Been having fun with these cards, hope I don't get tired of doing them, but then again, I doubt it, 'cause every card is different, so how can I get bored with that????

When making cards, I usually make 10-12 cards the same then switch to something different....boredom sets in and I need a change. So making the "# cards" has been fun because no two are alike. That's good for me, keeps me interested.

Here is #7 with my little girl. I need to find a little boy also....these "magnolia" stamps are a little expensive with shipping and handling, costing close to $ it may be awhile before I get my hands on that stamp.
The above Birthday card is for both man and woman adult cards. I used that new "washi tape" which is fun to use and can have many creative ideas. With this card I taped and cut the bottoms to look like banners and stamped the Happy Birthday. Then ran the card through my cuttlebug the placed "candy circles" on the card. Fun, fun, fun.

Went to the Hospice group yesterday and had a little fun. Donated 52 various cards, Birthday, Easter, Thinking of You and Mother's day cards. We made 100 Mother's Day gifts...Hersey candy wrapped in cardstock and a ribbon...they were real cute and simple.

After the Hospice meeting, visited Archievers and Hobby Lobby and found some more washi tape at "buy 2 and get 3rd tape free" so I bought 4 tapes and got 2 free!!! So now I have enough tape to last awhile and to make many lovely cards for Hospice. Found a "model T Ford" stamp that will look cute on the "105" card also.

Time to close this blog, as I can spend tooooo much time on this and not get much done around the house. Still have to finish my taxes and get them ready for the due date on Monday the 4th. 
Dinner is already made, so all I have to do is heat that up...."crock pot" pork and sourkraut and roasted vegies. AND make the "105" number and Birthday Card for the party tomorrow. Not sure we are going as yet....if there is food, oh yesssss, by all means!!!!

You have a great day and keep looking up for your redemption draws nigh.
Cheers ~ Louise 

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Anonymous said...

I loved how the 105 card turned out Louise - great job!

But now I am thinking about sauerkraut! :D


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