Saturday, November 24, 2012

Time Out Today........Celebrate B-day ♥

Kylie my doggie encircled in pretty snowflakes, holly and corner scrolls. Heard about a new program  called  You can play with your photos, add text and edit, add things (like I did above). Be going there more often to see what else I can do.

Today we celebrated my birthday going out to the "Outback" again. Steak again with aussi fries and asparagus. JP had a fried chicken steak and garlic potatoes/beans. We shared one of those blossom onions with that special sauce. MMMMM~good!! (not a whole lot of calories.....NOT!!!)

Bought a new coat at "Burlington Coat Factory". We have lived in the Fox Cities for 25 years and I have never been to that store.........amazing!!! Guess I will go back there again, kinda liked shopping there, they have everything!!!! Anyways my coat is a 'Calvin Klein" coat which of course was made in CHINA!!  It was a $120.00 coat and paid $60.00, it is black and the material is soft. I like this coat very much as it has snaps, no buttons and no zippers. I just did not want to fool with buttons and zippers. My old coat had buttons and lost them a couple of times. The lining needed to be redone and the coat cleaned. I was figuring it would cost $100 to have cleaned and lining fixed. So I shall wear my old coat around the house......looks like an old rag....but I still love it.

Still have not finished my Christmas cards, maybe in the next few days they will get done. Got my first Christmas card today.......nothing like being really early. Finally figured out what I will send my 87 year old stepfather. He doesn't want me to send $$$, he can't see to do cross word puzzles anymore, no sense sending him food or coffee, cause I don't know what he likes. He liked a little toy I sent him last year that could be wound up and it flipped backwards. He said he liked that. SO I thought today, I will send him a stuffed toy dog..........for the person you don't know what to send......send a stuffed toy ♥♥♥

We had a wonderful Thanksgiving Day at a friends house. Food was delicious and turkey out of this world. She cooked it in a nesco so it made the turkey VERY tender. I really need to get a turkey for JP and I, as we really like turkey sandwiches and casseroles. We sat around watching football. She got new front room furniture.....the recliner had a massage and heater.....was that ever comfy to lay in, could have fallen asleep several different times.

Well, time to close here. Want to go downstairs and ride my bike for a couple of miles and make a few more cards. So talk to you later and keep looking up for  your redemption draws nigh. Cheers ~ Louise

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