Monday, May 14, 2012

It's a "Funny Picture" Day!!!!

Was looking through some funny pictures of dogs and cats last night. Trying to find a laugh or two. Although I am not much of a cat lover, I thought this was quite funny. How in the world did they get that cat to pose like that? Is he running.......I don't know, but it sure brought a chuckle to my spirit!!!!

I think I might have mentioned in a previous post that my liver levels were high. Well, today the nurse called to say that the doctor wants me to stop ALL medication for a week and have more blood drawn next Monday. ???????? Gosh, I am a little scared, cause that includes blood pressure meds also. Guess this is where I must depend on God to see me through???? Diabetes can sure rack havoc in one's body, can't it. The Doctor took me off cholesterol meds when he saw the liver count up, well now the count is still up and now I must stop with the diabetes and blood pressure meds. Vitamins also! That does not scare me as much, but the blood pressure meds, gosh, I have been taking that for 20 some years!!!! Now, to just all of a sudden STOP taking it????? Will I blow up like our friendly cat in the above picture???? I hate being a guinea pig!!!!

Well, I will let you all know what transpires this week, if I am still among the living by next week's blood test. But if not, there will not be an update. Gosh, this blog sounds alittle dreary. But then, that is where I am right now. Almost afraid to put anything in my mouth, for fear my liver cannot handle it. I know, I know,  you are saying, "lay off the booze!!!" Surprise, I don't drink, soooooo it must be something else, maybe this old body is just getting fatigued and worn out. Oh well, time will tell!!!

I left a message with the nurse to call me back. Just dawned on me in 1986 I had a bleeding ulcer and was operated on, the spleen was accidentally touched and began to bleed, so it was taken out. I guess the spleen filters alot of bad stuff. When it is gone then the liver takes over. maybe the liver has been overloaded and needs a rest from all the work it has done............hummmmmm wonder. The liver can restore itself, I heard, is that why we only have one liver???? Maybe I will have to google that one and get back with you.

Well, I think I will close this blog for today........see you in few days 'Lord willing' and remember look up for your redemption draweth nigh!!!
Cheers to you ~ Louise

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