Wednesday, May 9, 2012


Just like a man.....can't live with them and can't live without them!!!! Not going to blog much today.........having major computer problems and will be taking this baby in for an overhaul!!! Booooooo! What will I do without it, just not too sure. Thinking I might pull up my old computer from downstairs and see if that is working. I might have some old pictures on it that I could download onto a flashdrive. Won't hurt to try.

Not sure what is wrong with this thing, just did not want to start up this afternoon, had to shut it down 3 times before it started up right. Was not getting my icons???? Never had that problem before. Clicked and clicked and clicked all over the screen and nothing happend. Finally just went and let the dogs out and came back and wala, there was my icons. Then I tried clicking internet explorer and it took 15 minutes to come up....that is when I called Office Depot. "HOUSTON WE HAVE A PROBLEM" So, it has been 2 years since I last had my computer cleaned by Office Depot, so maybe it is time. Had more memory put into it at that time and the guy said I shouldn't need anymore...........but, the "Virtual memory was low" box came up a couple of times, so I am thinking there is a slight problem there.

Well, it is time to close, have to go make JP's lunch so he can go off to work. I then need to work outside for awhile. Guess it is time to clean up the yard and chop down some weeds. I feel like I am behind in my gardening..............but, it is not Memorial Weekend yet so there is still time.....You all have a great week and I will see you when I see you. Keep looking up for your redemption draweth nigh!!!
Many Cheers to you all ~ Louise

PS I know the title and the picture do not go together......but just can't do a blog without a picture and I thought this picture of the dog was so cuuuute!!!

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