Saturday, October 29, 2011

Mystery Saturday??????

What will happen today?????? As I sit at this computer, it is a beautiful day, the sun is shinning with blue skies. A nice day to get out and do some yard work. Still have 3 bulbs to plant and rake some leaves, cover the rose bushes with leaves, last minutes stuff, I think we will finally be winterized before the first snow hits us. Hummmm, thought I would add a picture of snow....just to get you used to it. Here you can see JP taking Hyko for a walk. The date of this pic is 2/13/11. Sounds like the New England States, NY and PA got hit with snow, in some places they are getting 13".... uge! Will have to check with my Blog friend in Maine and see if she talks about the snow. Tis the season, not ready for this, but living WI it is bound to happen.

Went out for lunch yesterday with a friend, we had "Windy City Hambergers" oh yum they were delicious with lots of french fries!!! Was enough to last all day, ate half, then the rest later on in the afternoon. Have a Doctors appointment on Tuesday, so I guess I better watch what I eat for the next few days.....have to get a blood pressure check, my yearly check in order to renew my pills. Guess the best things would be to lose some weight then maybe the blood pressure would be in check. BUT who wants to diet? Been riding my stationary bike (I try) every day for about 5-10 miles. Hoping that will help during the winter months, must get in the habit now so I don't have to pay later.

Well, I guess I better go get some things done, as this is "Mystery Saturday" not really sure what I will be doing, right now there is dishes in the sink that need to be done. So maybe I shall go wash the hair then do the dishes. So talk to you later. Hope you have a good day and keep looking up for your redemption drawth nigh.

Cheers ~ Louise

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