Tuesday, November 1, 2011

The First Day of November

Thirty days hast November ~ wonder what this month will bring. Well, on this first day of November, went for a visit to the doctor today, blood pressure check, (the pressure always goes up when I go in to see the doctor) blood work and they also found out I have UTI and need to get some antibiotic pills at Shopko along with more blood pressure pills. Oh the joys of getting older.

Another thing happening this month, I shall be turning 65 on the 21st.........geez, where did the time go????? One day you are 27 and the next thing, you wake up and you're 65. Never wish your life away it will come fast enough. I am hoping we can go out for dinner someplace, would like to go to BJ Clancy's will have to call them to see if it is okay to come there on that Monday for lunch so I can get a free steak and lots of fries.

Supposedly, on November 9th at 2pm EST all communication will shut down for 3 minutes all across the US. Just because the "Elite" want to see if they can control this country, and if it works, look to see that it just may happen again and again and for longer periods of time. Could you imagine the ramifications of this.....ALL communication shut down, what about planes in the air, cell phones, computers, hospital's, police, ambulances, radio, TV just to name a few things. All for the sake of control and the all mighty $$$$$$

This month, I am going to do a "featured Interview" with an Etsy Artist from the Ukraine. She does beautiful tatting, kind of like crocheting, but so much more lacey looking. I have thought about trying it myself, but for now crocheting is fine.

Looks like we still need some roof work, another leak showed up over the weekend in a completely different place............I became very depressed at the thought of another leak, I hope the leak can be found and fixed without causing too much damage and $$$$.

My daughter turns 42 this month on the 14th..........again, where did that time go.

Thanksgiving on the 24th, oh yum I can smell a turkey in the oven already and pumkin pie....ready freddy here we come!!!

I am sure more will be happening this month, just hope not as fast and furious as things have been lately......... but let it be "everything is calm and quiet" as my mother always said.

You all have a great day and keep looking up for your redemption drawth nigh ~ cheers ~ Louise

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