Monday, February 21, 2011

I'm Doing Another Etsy Tap Dance......YAY!!!!

Doing another Etsy tap dance this weekend.........sold 3 St. Patrick Cards..........gosh that just so makes me day.........I really could get used to this!!!! Well, I will make a few more cards today, and put a few more up on my Etsy store in the next few days..........SO CHEERS to St. Patty's Day!!!!!! Celebrating my Blessings!!!!!!! This little card "Shamrocks Galore 2" was like one of the cards sold yesterday. Only difference I used a sprelli background wrapping thread around to form a circle. Shamrocks stamped and punched on the front. The inside of the card says "Celebrate Your Blessings"

Making Chicken soup today.....a warm dish for a cold and snowy day.......I don't have a special recipe for my chicken soup cause every pot I make is different from the to use lots of spices, today so far, there's onions, a chicken thigh and leg, garlic, celery leaves, carrots and onion soup mix. Took it to a boil then turned down the heat to simmer. Once the chicken is cooked I'll take it out and debone then turn up the heat and add the noodles, boil a bit and turn down the heat again............WA LA a wonderful chicken soup!!!!!!

Today, seems to be a snow day, not going any place so maybe I will straighten up the house a little and go make some cards and excercise a bit today. So talk to you later and take care and TAKE JESUS!!!!!

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