Saturday, June 5, 2010

Some Plantings Today

No pictures today, as I just got some new plants to plant today. A lovely purple impatient for the front porch. Two more tomatoe plants, a strawberry plant, shasta daisies, Zenias and a lemon Verdana herb that makes tea. Got them all planted just before it started to rain a gentle rain, so they won't get drowned. Only bad thing about the rain is that our roof leaks.

Can you believe we had the roof reroofed in 2002 which at that time, had never leaked. But now it does...........thanks to a man that called himself a "Christian" who was trying to cut, he was not a Christian. Bible says "to trust NO MAN" and that is so true. Anyways now we deal with a leaky ceiling which gets worse with each rain. Why don't you fix it, you say? Costs money which we do not have at this the roof continues to leak into the kitchen...........sue him? He is no longer in business, sold all his stuff and who has the money to sue now adays? So we deal with it with pots and pans.......until our ship comes in.

Well, so much for my tales of woes............You have a good day...:)

PS.......if I can find the pictures of our roof, I will add them to this blog.

1 comment:

LindaCCC said...

Oh, so sorry to hear about your roof issues. I know that rooves can be expensive and dealing with leaks is no fun either.


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