Thursday, April 1, 2010

WOW~~MOM Cards

These three Mother's Day cards were designed last year, I sold the green card but still have the blue and yellow card in my Etsy store. This was my first attempt to make a stamp, can you tell which stamp I not the flowered stamp.........yup that's right the MOM stamp! It was fun, but took me all night to thing that's good, it can be a WOW stamp too.
Anyways, I used versa mark on the card with the flower stamp, then layered and punched the white and black cardstock to give it the laced effect. Then stamped the flower and colored in with Mark It Sharpies.
Made some Children's Easter cards for this Sunday. Pastor's wife asked me to have a class teaching the kids how to make an Easter Card for their parents. There will be about 10 kids if they all show up. So I made two different cards. I will take a picture of them tonight and add to my blog tomorrow.
Have to go now and get ready for work and exercise at Inches A Weigh. Still at 10 lbs and holding and 26 inches. I found that I consume too much salt. 2000 mgs should be
what I take a day.............I must have exceeded that. Now I am shocked to see how much salt can be consumed a day if we are not watching it. Maybe this has been my hold-up in losing weight. I will see after this week. Reading labels has been a real eye opener for me.
Well, have a great day~~~~~Louise

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