Thursday, March 11, 2010


Yep.......these are portabella mushrooms. Grown in my basement!!!!! They are delicious, saute'd with vegies and imatation crab or over chicken or hambergers or steak or name it MUSHROOMS are always a part of the meal!!!!! I took the largest mushrooms and broke off the stem, put them in a pan and when they were cooked I put a piece of cheese on top and let it melt..............oh gosh it was like eating a hamberger. I was in heaven for a few minutes.

Well, I have another wave (the above mushrooms are the second growth) of mushrooms growing in my little box in the basement. Will be looking for them in the next few days, right now they are the size of a little button. In a couple of days they will be eating size.

I just read that mushrooms are very good for you. Although they've gotten a bad reputation for being largely nutrient-free, they're actually a great source of selenium, a mineral that helps to boost your immune system and decrease your risk of cancer. They're also extremely low in calories (about 20 in a cup), so they help you feel fuller at little cost to your weight loss program.

I have been a mushroom fan for many years. But there was a time I snubbed my nose at them. Looking back now I wish I hadn't. Remember the mushroom and gravy bowl being passed around and I would look for the gravy cause there were so many mushrooms in the gravy..........and these were the mushrooms found in the woods. My stepfather's family would go mushroom hunting and come back with baskets full of mushrooms. My mother's chore was to clean 'em and wash'em and cook 'em and bag'em and freeze'em. Then cook'em when the family got together every Sunday for the big meals. Out came those mushrooms..............gosh I wish I had loved them then.................but I didn't.

Now I can't seem to get enough mushrooms which need to be a part of my many meals, breakfast, lunch or dinner. With so many varities to choose from, you can add mushrooms to soups and salads, or saute' them with a little bit of olive oil and seasongs for a wonderful side dish.

Well, you have a happy mushroom day!

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