Saturday, May 3, 2008

A Lovely Day Today

Well, today was a lovely day..........we went to Oshkosh to the African Violet Society........lots of lovely little plants were on display. I bought 4......and spent $16.50 and my husband didn't even say BOO! He spent $10 without flinching......hahahaha. My new little babies will be so cute when they get older.

  • "Frozen in Time" is a verigated plant with pink leaves and the flowers are white and edged with lime green..........this I believe will be my favorite all time african violet.
  • "Ness's Midnight Fantasy" is a standard size plant and the flowers are light pink with purple spots.
  • "Optimara Little Moonstone" a double white ruffled with blue tinged center. Paid $1 for 2 leaves, well, will see if I can manage to keep them alive. Might have been better to put then right into soil. Will see..............they will take 9 months to a year to start growing.......that is a long time to get some blooms.
  • "Gold Stone" flower will be white/double gold with verigated leaf.
On our way home we stopped at a truck stop so JP could put some CDs and tracts in the trucker lounge then from there we stopped at a antique store, I was snopping around for some vintage beads to make earrings with. Too expensive, just like buying beads at the Glass Onion or at Hobby Lobby....................have to know what your are looking at, that is for sure.

From there we stopped at a rummage sale at a church...............Bingo, found a gate for the front porch to keep the dogs from running off the porch...............they like sitting on the front porch with us. Kylie loves to stick her head out the bars of the porch and snoop. Hyko just sits and watches everything that is going on around him. He is a very content puppy dog (of 10 years). Kylie keeps him young.

I did find some beads for 12 that was a buy, a little bracelet, I may turn these beads into earrings....................or make another bracelet.......who knows. We had a good day, was like a date, cept we did not go out to eat.........maybe after church tomorrow, I will say, lets go to the dinner and get some chicken. My treat, gosh, I better see if I have enough money in my little checking account.

Well, I think I will end this little commentary of what I did was a fun day, the ride was fun, maybe there won't be to many more rides like today, what with the price of gas going up daily, rides will be scarce. I'm going to add a picture of a pair of earrings to this blog. Love making earrings, can't imagine why I have not done this before, what have I been missing. Guess I was leaving earring making up to others?

These lovely earrings are called "Mango Delight" The brown crystals are glass, the orange beads, mmmmmmm I think I got with a bunch of other beads, really should wright this stuff down..........they are only $7.00 with shipping $1.00. ($8 total) You can find them on my etsy store: Paypal will take care of the transaction or you can use your credit card or a money order.
Going to close here for the have a great day, if you have any comments, now is your time to give kind please. As always, Louise

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