Monday, December 13, 2010

Winter's Greeting Snowman

Winter is here, whether we want it or not. We got 11 inches over the weekend.....whew, guess that is better then rain, as our roof leaks into the ketchen, so snow is better at this point. Well, here I have a snowman card, he is a "Winter Greeting Snowman" as I have finished the Christmas cards. Now it is on to Valentine and Winter Cards. I am going to put him in my etsy store, probably tonight, you can go to to see all my other cards. This particular card will be $3.00 + postage. You will receive one free card of my choosing plus a bookmark.

Well, you have a great day and see you in a few days as I am trying to get ready for Christmas and get all my cards out to friends and family. Take care and take Jesus!!!! ~Louise~

1 comment:

Kelly said...

Hi Louise! Thanks for visiting my blog today and leaving such sweet comments. I like your style and will be visiting often. This little snowman is so cute! I love the look on his face...he's got so much personality.


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