Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Mechanism of a Mosquito Bite

Hi there everyone. Here it is....August 1st....how did your day go??? Did you get bit by any mosquito's today? I must have brought one in the house with my walk with Kylie. It found me and attacked me while making Kylie's dinner. I saw it buzz around and go into the refrigerator while it was opened, buzzing, buzzing, it landed on a drawer, I hit it and SMOOSH!!! Blood came out....yep, it must have been my blood. I HATE MOSQUITO'S!!!!

So I thought you would enjoy this little education on the Mosquito. I found it on Facebook and shared it to my Blog.

Combating those little bugs has been a challenge for me. I have found that rubbing alcohol works when I get a whole bunch of bites. One small bite, an ice cube or a tube of "After Bite" works. What kind of remedies have you used. I would be interested in knowing.

My next post in a few days, I will be sharing some more cards...yes, I have been working on them. Getting ready for my Hospice meeting September 1st. My goodness, this summer is flying by. Pretty soon the snow will be flying too....one good thing, there will be NO MOSQUITO'S!!!!

Have a great night and keep looking up......better days are coming.
Cheers ~ Louise

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