Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Almost Another 10 Days Have Passed

Hi there everyone. Thought I better do a's almost another 10 days since the last one. Not exactly sure where these days are going, but they sure are flying by. I could understand if we were on a great vacation to someplace exotic, but no, we are not. Just home-bound with no place to go. Many issues stand in our way. Money is the #1 issue for sure, need I say more???

So we make the best with what we have and go on from there. My little world revolves around my home anyways, so here is where my vacation time is. Going out in the back yard, sitting on the front porch, or down in the basement making cards, playing with my flowers and plants, listening to my water fountains and trying to avoid mosquitoes. Ish I hate them. Did you know it is the female that bites, first she numbs the spot with her saliva then pokes you till she finds the vein...and sucks out the blood. I found a post about mosquitoes and will post it here in the next few days. 

I am  now going to show you some before and after pictures of the neighbors took over a year for the finished look, but I guess it was worth the wait. I guess, I guess. I disliked having to look out my kitchen window and seeing all their junk....but now, I just see my junk and to tell you the truth, it is more pleasant looking out my kitchen window.
The above picture still shows their old green fencing with all their stuff...the jungle gym, brown house, purple dinosaur and a bunch of building stuff. The neighbor sold that fencing and the buyer took it down.
Here is a shot from another angle....all their stuff. Beyond their fence is my snow fence which will be replaced with a wooden fence by Habitat for Humanity this September....I can hardly wait.
I bought some bamboo last year and finally put the fencing up this year to camouflage all their stuff...but you can still see it. It did help for a little while.
Here you see behind my bamboo fencing is their 6 foot fencing....I actually love it and it gives much privacy. If the dumb mosquitoes would leave me alone I could sit out there and read my Bible.

So there you have it....instead of "As the World Turns" we have "As the Fence Turns" hahahahahaha!! Do you see my little solar fountains? Like when the sun shines and my fountains sprinkle water.

Well, time to close here. I mentioned in my last post, I had some exciting news to share with you....I think I will wait on that....maybe in August I will share the good news. Hold's coming. In the mean time keep looking up ~ better days are coming. Cheers ~ Louise

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