Sunday, June 18, 2017

Solar Sun Fountains and Kylie

Hi there everyone....hope you had a nice Father's Day Week-end. We had a nice one. Quiet with a little bit of work mixed into it.

JP's Father died in the 90's. My father died in 1961. My step-father just died last month. I got through it though with not too much pain and sadness. Pops has lived in Las Vegas since '86 and I probably saw him 4 or 5 times in 31 years. The last time was when my mother had died in 2001 and I went for her Memorial and her ashes were spread in the mountains of Las Vegas. A lady friend (who they grew close to and called her their daughter) spread my mother's ashes and she planned on spreading Pop's also. She knew I would not be coming out there, so she would take care of it. End of a chapter in my life.
On to happier news. So this is part of my back's coming along nicely. I bought this new Solar Sun Fountain, in the red planter. It came all the way from China....really cute I think....I moved it today, so it is in more sun. Doesn't work well in shade.
This little fountain, I picked up at a Plant Sale in May. Paid $1 and the pond container was free. The above fountain......$30 and the container $ splurge. Love my Flamingos, they like the pond too.
Kylie came for a visit while I was playing in my little garden. Yesterday I finally put up my bamboo fencing for a little bit of privacy from the neighbors stuff that I have to look at everyday from my Kitchen window......sometimes gets depressing. The  neighbor lady says that sometime this summer they will be putting up a taller privacy fence.....can't be soon enough for me. I will take pictures of my new bamboo fencing as soon as I get the second section up. What I have done so far....looks really good.
I might have too much in this little section, but when I sit on my bench, I am always looking at everything and deciding if something should be moved or a weed pulled....sitting on my bench does not last long.
Looks like in both these pictures that Kylie is enjoying the little fountain also....probably the sun feels good on her back. I should take lessons from her on how to just stand around and relax.
I have one tomato plant growing in a's getting pretty big and needs lots of watering. Beefsteak...looking forward to those BLT's.

I have some Beefsteak tomato plants growing in the front of the house and one between the two garages. This year I shall see which place grows the best tomatoes....I want to get a cucumber plant....but have not been able to find one. I wonder, is it to late to start some seeds???

Went to Menards today and got a Wave Petunia plant, Sweet Basil plant and a Mosquito plant....sounds interesting. I might plant it by my park bench, so I can enjoy my backyard. There is still so much to I said, by the time I get things done, Fall will be here...oh well.....then comes winter and we start all over again.

Well, time to close here, it's going on Midnight and I still have not gone downstairs to work on a few cards. I got another Paper Pumpkin Kit from Stampin' up yesterday and made a few cards from that kit....I should take some pictures real soon.

You have a great day, keep looking up, better days are coming.
Cheers ~ Louise

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