Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Random June Pictures

Hi there everyone. Two more days left in June....where oh where did this month go???? I have been busy with my gardens, pulling weeds, planting flowers and vegies. Even tonight I was planting while it drizzled here and there. Tomorrow is supposed to be a nice day though, so I may be planting a few more flowers. Eventually I will take some pictures of some of the things I have done.
So here are my cute Flamingos.....enjoying their little pond. I have had to move these guys a couple of times. I think they finally found their resting place. Which is here, for now.
A picture of JP on the ladder cleaning the gutter. This gutter is on the side of the house and has been over-flowing with water during the storms. The water was not going down the spout because it was so clogged up. Finally he went up there.
Yep....finally the water is flowing down the spout, look at that water running down and all that junk that was clogged up in the gutter. Such a relief when things are running right in our little house.
So here we are. The Flamingos had to move again and I had to take down my little bamboo fencing that camouflages the neighbors stuff in their backyard. See that green fencing??? The neighbor sold it and a man from Green Bay came to take it down. So, the neighbor said I had to move my fencing.  After waiting a week I decided to put my fence back up again leaving 5 inches between my fence and their green fence. Finally I could have my yard back in order again. The green fence is down now...I am glad I put up my fencing, I don't have to worry if Kylie decides to take a walk in the neighbors backyard.
Here is a picture of the side of our house.....Still working on this. Pulled weeds down at the end, planted a zucchini plant and a few flowers in the pots. I painted the stool white, it was an ugly green, time for an upgrade. This is a work in progress. More mulch is needed for the side of the house.
And Kylie....she just rests all day and lets me do the all the work. She is now on medication for her liver. Every morning she gets a pill an hour before she eats....we are on a new schedule. She might be around 12 years old these pills will be something she may have to take for the rest of her life....$45 a month. Not including the liver panel every couple of months for $55 each time. Oh well, she is part of the family so we do what needs to be done to keep her around.

Time to close, hope you are having a good night. Keep looking up cause better days are coming. Cheers ~ Louise

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Jill said...

Your garden is coming along so nicely! And Kylie is just precious! They are such a big part of our families! Have a wonderful day!



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