Friday, March 24, 2017

Some Stampin'up cards

Hi there everyone. I guess I have been MIA again. Just basically living life to the best of my ability. Let's see, my last post was March 15th....I think I made cauliflower soup....which is long gone, JP really liked it and thought it was great!!! Although he has said he likes two kinds of and cold, I guess that covers everything. But, since the cauliflower soup, I have made Green Pea Soup made in the pressure cooker....omg....was that delicious! I will most certainly do that again. Did not take pictures....but next time I will.

So Sunday the 19th I went to the Stampin'up camp. It was a nice day and a change of pace and I learned a few new ideas. There is always refreshments, a door prize and a chance to use new Stampin'up supplies that I don't have at home. (most definitely the supplies are on my wish list). Like this stamp set below...the girl with the umbrella and a girl dancing, I forget the name of this set, but it is on my list to buy next time.
This next card is a very pretty sympathy card, the gold flower is a die cut, I think the papers used, help in making these cards very pretty. I like the softness in the colors.
Now this next card is very pretty, I was able to duplicate this one, as I have the dragonfly die cut (see the above blog header lots of dragonflies and bee's). I have made a bunch of these cards already...probably most of them will go to Hospice.
Another Sympathy card. One thing about Stampin'up....they make pretty papers. I bought a set of papers a couple of months ago and have yet to use it.....what's up with that!!!!
In this picture is the door prize I won....YAY!!!  Well, there were 3 of us ladies and 4 door we all won something!!!
Not much went on this past week. Pretty soon it will be time to start working outside.....I hope this spring I have a little bit more motivation to work then I did last year. Lots of weeds grew in my gardens....hopefully I can keep ahead of those pests.

Well, time to close, JP will be home in about 45 minutes. So I better get my bike riding in for the day. Didn't get to take Kylie for her walk....raining tonight, we did not want to get wet.

Have a great day and keep looking up....better days are here again.
Cheers ~ Louise


Susie said...

Louise, I am thinking JP is a good eater. :):) I loved all your beautiful are very talented. So many pretty things. Blessings, xoxo, Susie

Brenda in IN said...

Great cards and pretty designs. I like all the cards on your header too. Molly doesn't like to get wet either. She won't go out in the rain.

cards4ubylouise and other treasures said...

Hi Susie.....thanks, yes JP likes to eat, needless to say, our food bill is quite high, you'd think there were 4 people in the household and not just Thanks on the cards.

cards4ubylouise and other treasures said...

Hi Brenda.....thanks on the cards. When I let Kylie out in the backyard, she will walk out the door and turn right around and come in if it is raining. I keep a towel by the door to wipe her down. She likes to be wiped down.

Connie said...

What a fun post and how delightful to spend a day with other stampers learning new tricks. I love the dragon fly card. You're a very special lady, so full of love for others. I know that your handmade cards fill the hearts of many with love and blessings :)

cards4ubylouise and other treasures said...

Hi Connie....thanks on the cards, they are always fun to make. Thanks for stopping by.


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