Saturday, July 9, 2016

Summertime Projects #2

Hi there everyone. Hope you are having a good Saturday......sometimes, I wish every day was Saturday. But then, I guess we would get tired of that.....and maybe less would get done, or, maybe more????

So, today I thought I would show you my "drawer project". My neighbor was throwing these drawers out and I asked if I could have them. This is what I did to them. I know, if you have been reading my blog regularly you would have seen this picture already. (Perhaps I should have up-dated this one, as the plants are bigger now.)

I repainted the blue drawer (all 4 drawers were painted blue on the front and I just painted this drawer with the blue I had and continued all around the drawer) This drawer has radishes, onions, and swiss chard growing in it. English cucumbers are growing in the wheel barrel.
This drawer started with a bright green, I ran out, then sprayed the front with yellow, leaving the bright green on the sides and back. This one has onions and sunflowers. The sunflowers are much bigger now and I transplanted them into larger pots. Maybe by the end of July I will transplant them again in their final home.
These two drawers are pink and red. I have run out of red and need to get some more....probably Walmart will have the cheapest at this point.
So here is the pink drawer with it's legs.....this was a sudden "light bulb idea" I had these blocks laying around from some skids I picked up.....wah-la....they became legs. I glued them with "liquid nails". Can you see, they are already sliding off the drawer.
So I stopped them with a stick and braced the drawer up with a couple of small boards that were laying around, Then layed bricks on the legs for weight. The drawer sat like this for a day or so. Giving the liquid nails a chance to dry. Then, I sprayed the front part of the drawer legs and the back part of the legs the next day.
So here you see the finished project (almost), The knobs are on, the silver plates are from my kitchen cabinets and the pink knobs from Micheals for $.50 a knob. I should add here, I have not spent a penny on spray paint as yet, as I had all these colors from last year and kept them downstairs for the winter. Oh, I did buy the liquid nails and dirt, so there is not a whole lot of $$$$ involved in repurposing these drawers.

Next thing is to drill holes in the drawer for water seepage, spray the inside with acrylic spray, line and staple with black garden material, pile in the dirt and plant some flower seeds and set the drawer someplace in a sunny spot.
 In this picture you see the yellow (filled with onions, and sunflowers, the pie tins are to deter the squirrels and chipmunks) the red drawer (unfinished) and pink drawer.
 Here you see the red drawer and my plans for it. I found this old crate with wood in it and thought it would be a good idea to add it to the red drawer and place it in my "red garden" this drawer will have fall plantings of lettuce in it. I shall paint the crate red also and secure it.....haven't figured out how to do that yet.
 I think we will go to Lowe's tomorrow after church. I heard they have red mulch, 5 bags for $10.00, I want to get some, if they are still there. That would be a cheaper price then what I have seen....3 bags for $7. Have not checked Menards.

This week, I will pick up some white spray paint to paint my two tires, the ladder, wicker stool, maybe an old wood chair and stool out back. I have an old bike downstairs....maybe pull that up and give it a shot of white spray also.  Maybe I will call this my "Spray paint week", if it is not too windy, hot or rainy.

You all have a good week and see you next time. Have a great day, keep looking up, better days are coming. Cheers ~ Louise

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