Monday, July 25, 2016

A Walk In Kathy's Garden

Hi there everyone. Hope you are keeping cool in this HOT, HOT, HOT weather!!!  My air conditioner does not work. We put it in the window and after about an hour of working, it started spitting water all over the place. Oh well....shut 'er down. and turn on the fans!!! When I get a little bit of extra $$$ I am off to buy a new air conditioner, for sure!!! This chick needs to be refrigerated and will spoil in hot weather!!!!!

I have been sleeping in the basement the last couple of is just a wee-bit cooler down needless to say, when I do come upstairs it's like 5am or 6am in the morning and much cooler outside. Wish there is a way to draw the cool air outside into the house. Ummmm....when winter comes, I will wish it was warm again....when will I be happy???? I know, when the weather stays an even sunny 70's - 80's with a wee bit of breeze...perfect weather.
So today I took some pictures of Kathy's I forget what she called the flower above....but it sure was a pretty one. She also has a pink one that was going to bloom in a few days....
Here are some cone flowers....I like these. I need to get a cluster of these growing in my back yard. Kathy gave me some of these to plant in my yard....I have the place, just need to plant them.
These are flux flowers....they really fill in a lot of places....sure looks nice here.
More Cone flowers and flux in these two pictures.
Kathy called this lilly flower a "spider" lilly....interesting looking flower. She said she has 100 lilly bulbs planted and they have multiplied......lots of lilies and different colors too.
I have to remember this for next year....planting these two plants together. Petunia's and, and, and....gosh, I forget the name of these leafy plants.
More Cone Flowers.....I like these.
And look what she has growing in her back yard......grapes!!! How neat is this?!?!?!?!?  I used to have a wild grape vine growing....but it never produced, I think the birds got the grapes when they were real young. Would have been fun to make some grape juice.

I took some lemon mint tea leaves to Kathy' she can make some mint tea. I have a whole slew of mint growing in the front yard....yeah, they are invasive....but I sure have had some beautiful roses this year and lots of mint tea. I want to make some mint jelly this year, nice thing is that the mint keeps growing all summer no worries of it dying on me.
I hope you enjoyed a walk through Kathy's garden, I always enjoy to see how a garden grows. When I get done with my gardens.....I will walk you through mine also.

Well, I am cooled down now, it's going on 7pm...time to take Kylie for her walk, at least it is not so hot for her. Don't want her little paws to get hot from the hot cement.

You all have a great night and keep looking up, better days are coming....Cheers ~ Louise

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