Tuesday, May 31, 2016

The Last Day of May and....

Hi there everyone....how was you Memorial Day Weekend.....my goodness, we plan ahead for the big day and then....POOH....it's gone.

I had a nice day...worked outside, pulling weeds and planting some tomato, pepper and cabbage plants and a few old seeds...if I don't see growth, I will replant.

We grilled out, (shucks no pictures) yummy prime rib hamburgers and red potatoes with a Caesar salad on the side. Then we ate on the front porch. Something we have not done in a long time for some reason. Yeah, I think I know the reason, I was sick all last summer and did not feel like grilling and eating on the porch. That could have been the reason.

Well, being this is the last day of May....I have 9 days till Hospice meeting. I have not even started to make cards yet.....but I think the following cards will be samples of what I will be making.

I found this card yesterday on the internet and thought it would make a great 4th of July card and even a Veterans Day card in October.
The butterfly card below looks like a fun card to make. Just punch a bunch of circles and 2 hearts for wings.

I made this card for Father's day, some birthday cards for men would be good with this design. It's kinda fun to do and very relaxing as it sort of reminds me of adult coloring.
As soon as I receive my Mini Misti in the mail....I am going to make this card. The flower comes in 4 different stamps...so using the misti will help with stamping this stamp.
Today JP and I had our teeth cleaned. We are good till September and another visit. Tomorrow the car gets an oil change. Friday through Sunday I will be sitting for Misty the cat.
I will go to her house, feed her, talk to her, pet her and clean her litter. She seems to enjoy my visits plus I even get paid to watch her. A Bonus!!!!

Saturday, Kylie goes to the groomer at 8:30am and then there is a demo at the Library put on by the Master Gardeners at 10am to 11:30 in how to do container gardening. They will put a planter together and then there will be a drawing for the planter. I feel "lucky" since I just won a Mini Misti.....lol!

Well time to close this post....hope you have a great evening and keep looking up....better days are coming. Cheers ~ Louise

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