Thursday, December 24, 2015

Merry Christmas Everyone!!!

Hi there everyone. With Christmas finally upon us, I hope you got everything done and are now able to enjoy the festivities. I wish you a wonderful Christmas with your family and friends.
Keep Jesus as the main focus of your celebrations. Also keeping in mind all that He did for you by giving HIS life....the greatest gift of all.

Take time to read the story of Christmas to your family in Matthew 1:18-25 that they will be reminded of his birth and how even then Satan tried to "steal, kill and destroy" the Son of God.

How, even now in 2015 Satan has not given up and wants to take us all out. Keep your eyes on Jesus and be guided by him every day. Ask Him into your heart. That would be the greatest gift you could ever give yourself. Then you will know for sure eternity will be yours with no fear of ever ending up in hell. Joy truly will be yours from this day forward.

Blessings to you, keep looking up!! Cheers ~ Louise

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