Tuesday, December 29, 2015

A Snowy Monday, Cards From Friends and Risotto

Hi there everyone....hope you are still enjoying this lovely season and last few days of 2015. Yesterday we had a foot of snow fall (12.2 inches). JP got stuck in the snow and the car doors froze up at work, so he did not make it home. I guess lots of people got stuck in snow around this area, at least he was stuck in the building and was warm.

Around the country people were experiencing lots of rain and hail, floods, tornados and earthquakes....My goodness what is going on??? If it is not the ISIS Muslims terrorizing us, the weather is also. I guess this is just a sign of the end times, just as the Bible has said. Better days are coming.
So for tonight's dinner I made a beef stew with green peppers and onions and stuck it in the slow cooker. Along with that was my Blue Apron (here's their site) meal "Spinach, Parmesan & Parsnip Risotto with Crispy Parsnip Chips and Sage" Oh my goodness....was this ever a good dish. Never cooked with a parsnip before and this was really good. Half the parsnip was grated and added to the Arboio Rice, onion, garlic and water. While the rice cooked, the other half of the parsnip was shaved and fried in the oil and browned. After the rice was cooked, spinach, sage and Parmesan cheese was added. I have to say that shaved and fried parsnip was a special touch to this dish. Will most definitely make this again.
Thought I would post the homemade cards that I received this Christmas. The top card is by Shirley. A very intricate card that probably took a long time to make...I always enjoy her cards. She is very artistic in her card making.
This ornament card is by Betty. She always has new ideas rolling around in her head. I enjoy going to her house to see here new creations.
This card was made by Sue. I really like this stamp, very simple yet elegant. Sue makes some nice cards too.
This card is by Tina. I go to her blog everyday to see what she is up to. I always know it is her card....her trademark is the stitching around the squirrel. She does a lot of origami cards, an art I have not yet accomplished.
This card is by Joan.....lot's of work went into this one too. I don't throw these cards out....but most likely these cards will end up in my Hospice card collection for next year. Always recycle.

I didn't take any pictures of all the snow we got yesterday, maybe the next snowfall. After awhile you can have just so many pictures of snow. I was out shoveling a little. The front porch and steps and part of the sidewalk....yep...that was enough for me.

Pretty soon I will be working on Valentine Cards.....can you believe that??? Right now I am reorganizing my stamping area....putting all the Christmas stuff away and cleaning and moving things. Guess that will be my Winter project, going through all the stuff and maybe unloading a few things at the thrift store or save for a garage sale in the summer. Yep....always something to keep me busy.

Well time to close this post for tonight. Keep looking up, better days are coming. Cheers ~ Louise


Attic Clutter said...

Oh Hi Louise..
Happy New Year..

the '''peace''' cards are so needed..
YES this world is so scary now..
HANG on tight ..
WOW 12 inches ..
we have a lot too..about that much it...
love it-- is pretty
outside ~ my bush with the LED multi colored lights looks best with the snow on it (:)..will leave them up for awhile..cheery we all need during the dark winters..

Biz said...

Holy cow - 12 inches of snow! We just got that pelting sleet that eventually turned to a bit of snow - but maybe only 3 inches tops.

Wishing you good eats with Blue Apron - I wish I could get Jacob and Hannah on board with it, but they aren't, and spending $60 just for me isn't cost effective on my grocery budget.

Happy New Year!! Hugs!

cards4ubylouise and other treasures said...

Hi Patty....yes, Happy New Year to you too. Pretty snow but hard to get through and people seem to think they can drive the same way like they do with no snow. I am almost ready to take down the Christmas stuff too....put valentine stuff up in my Etsy store today.

cards4ubylouise and other treasures said...

Hi Biz....I really like the Blue Apron but probably will curtail it down to once a month after the first of the year. I have lots of new recipes to feed on. I like the idea of learning new things. Last night it was risotto with grated parsnip in the risotto and then shaved parsnips fried and topped on the risotto. Was so good. Happy New Year to you and many new blessings.


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