Monday, June 29, 2015

A Few Flowers & Some Projects on the "To Do" List

Hi there everyone....hope you had a nice weekend. I am not sure I accomplished a whole lot, but I did enjoy the weekend, watering flowers and vegies, taking pictures, resting and reading my book that Diana wrote. "Lucy and the Mystery of the Dark Woods" During the week, after JP leaves for work, 4:00 pm is my reading time, just taking that little bit of time is so relaxing.....even though Lucy is struggling with  her life situations.
So in the above picture is a new peonie bush I got from the neighbors......I rescued it, they were going to throw it out.....NOOOOOOOO.....I will take it, they did not like the ants.....well that is fine with me, I just shake the flowers so the ants fall off (sometimes). So here is the first bloom from the little bush.
My purple climbing Clementius. She is in 3 different places, climbing up the side of the porch, climbing up a fence in the back yard and side of yard, climbing up the trellis.

I mentioned in my previous post that I had some projects on my "to do" list. Can you believe.....16 projects, that will keep me busy all summer and fall. Some of these projects may continue on into next summer too!!!

Project 1 - Freida the Frog.....I have the tires, just have to get the rest of the stuff together.
Project 2 - I want to make a Dragon Fly, made out of old fan blades and fancy railing post....spray painted and jewels and wire. Should be a fun project.
Project 3 - Paint the front door with the paint rebuilding together left behind. The door never got painted by them.
Here is a single rose.....this plant is really doing good this year.....I fed it lots of old coffee grounds in the fall. So it is pretty perky this summer. The plant is about 22 years old.

Project 4 - Paint daisies on my old shed.
Project 5 - Screw some old shutters on the old shed. I finally bought a new this can be accomplished.
Project 6 - Paint the old wicker chair white.
This is my lily bush.....each year it gets bigger and bigger.

Project 7 - Hang rods on the new basement windows and hang curtains.
Project 8 - Spray paint the bird feeder tire green.
Project 9 - Spray paint JP's old bike for a yard decoration with flowers.
This is a new addition to my garden. Cosmos along side the house......I am planning to get some transplanted to the front yard too.....will have lots of seeds for next year.

Project 10 - Paint and make a pallet planter for herbs.
Project 11 - Clean and straighten the is still disorganized from getting the new basement windows replaced.
Project 12 - Paint the same daisies that were painted on the shed, on the basement wall going down the stairs.
This is the same rose bush (two pictures previous) taken in the late afternoon and close up, it almost looks like a water color rose.

Project 13 - Hang boarder on walls in kitchen ceiling.
Project 14 - Back splash tiles applied behind the stove. (almost done with this project)
Project 15 - Paint two walls in the Dinning room an off white.
Project 16 - Have a garage sale!!!

So there you have it....I am not sure how much I will accomplish this summer, as I have 2 appointments with the eye doctor for cataract surgery (I am a little scared) on July 22nd and August 5th.
The Doctor said I am a good candidate for the surgery and there is a chance I may not have to wear glasses, maybe just those bifocals from the dollar store. Plus I am still dealing with the Dentist and a deep cleaning on July 7th...then 6 cavities need to be filled. I think the cavities will have to wait till September or even October. My head can take just so know???

Well you all have a great evening.....see you in July. Keep looking up.....Cheers ~ Louise


Patricia said...

Good morning Louise. I had my dental time yesterday. The waterpick I purchased four months ago has really made a difference with my gum health. I'm glad I purchased it and have been faithful using it. The dental hygienist was very happy.
That was sweet of you to rescue the peony. It's beautiful as well as the rest of your flower photos. I love cosmos as well. The orange ones I have reseed themselves. Have fun with all those projects.

cards4ubylouise and other treasures said...

Good morning Patricia....never had a waterpick....should check that out. Yep, it will be a colorful and busy summer with all the flowers and projects.

NanaDiana said...

Hey- What are you going to do with all your spare time after you get all those projects done? lol
Glad you are reading my book and enjoying it, Louise!
That peony is are the other plants!
Hope you had a good day. xo Diana

cards4ubylouise and other treasures said...

Hahahaha Diana....chances are I may not get it all done!!! I thought in retirement, things would slow down a bit, who was I kidding??? Thanks on the flowers...isn't God creative???

Brenda in IN said...

I am tired after reading all the things you are going to do! That is quite a list and I hope you are able to get a lot of it done this summer. Your flowers are just beautiful. Please don't be scared of the cataract surgery. It was so quick and painless. The worst part was putting all those drops in every day before and after the surgery. It's not hard, I just had to remember to do it!

cards4ubylouise and other treasures said...

Hi Brenda....Ha...I am tired too of all the projects and I have not even started except for 1. Guess that is why I have an ulcer, I give myself too much to do. Well I am a little worried about the cataract surgery, I have heard it goes quickly. So how are you seeing? well?


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