Sunday, November 23, 2014

Birthday Update......and Car Problems

Hi there everyone and everybody.......hope you had a wonderful weekend and are looking forward to Thanksgiving!!!! I am still dancing around my birthday as you can see. A few more pictures of my flowers and birthday cake, which was a cheese cake from Festival. Oh yum, half chocolate chip and half plain. I so thoroughly enjoyed this cake and will do it again without any celebration.

I love this picture of my bouquet of just may see this picture again and again....I think it is sooooo pretty.

In this picture is the chocolate chip....I made some cranberry sauce and spooned it over the cheese cake....was so very delicious and healthy.....don't you think????
This was my slice......had to hold the plate up so the flowers could be my background. Sort of an odd picture, but you get the idea.
Well as you see by the title of this blog, this is an update of my birthday celebration. We had a wonderful time at BJ Clancys. where I had a free steak I did not take any pictures. I guess you can take just so many pictures of a piece of steak and fries and salad and some chocolate ice cream with a candle on top.

After dinner, we came home, and I took Kylie for a walk around the block....or I mean she walked me. After the walk, I went downstairs and worked on some Christmas cards for Hospice, have about 30 Christmas, now I need to put some Birthday, Thinking of you and Thank you cards together.

Next thing on my agenda is to make some Christmas cards to send to some friends and family. Hope I can come up with some new ideas.

Speaking of family....our niece had her baby on my I share a birthday with a little girl named Madelyn Renee....that should be an easy birthday to remember when sending a card.

Bad news, we went to church this morning which is 32 miles round trip. The car was making a funny sound when we drove off. We got to church, went through the motions of church, sing, prayer, tithes, greet, music, preach. After church this man started talking to us and we ended up staying till 2pm (church had finished at 11am) This guy was the leader of a gang of 300 guys in goodness, did he have some stories to tell......I suddenly felt like I had been to church...gosh he was full of the fire of the Holy Spirit. I probably could have listened to him for another hour. But, all things have to come to an end. His wife was calling him to come home. So we locked up the church and got into the car.

We were going to have something to eat at the restaurant but, it had closed. We stopped at the gas station and JP noticed that the steering was a little hard (that's strange). We left the gas station and the battery light went on...then suddenly another light went on and then a beeping sound....suddenly I saw that the radiator gauge was on hot....."JAY the radiator gauge!!!" We stopped on the side of the road, he got out and lifted the hood and he saw that the serpentine belt had broke.....oh geez...that connects everything to "everything"!!!!

So now what????? So JP called the service station we have gone to for over 25 answer, but then the called transferred to the owner and he answered, we told Dave the problem and he sent a tow truck to pick up the car and us. We sat in the car for a half hour, it got a little chilly, but JP had a few snacks in his lunch box....I could feel my blood sugars either rising or lowering....but the snacks helped.

The tow truck showed up, the mechanic put the car on the truck and we jumped in the front seat of the tow truck (well, I did not exactly jump into the front seat...68 years does not jump very high or fast). The mechanic drove us to our house, cause the service station is about 5 blocks away.

What a crazy day....way too much stress of this old lady. Another adventure with liking these adventures much anymore. So now we wait to see what tomorrow brings, hopefully the car will be fixed in time for JP to go to work....if not, that will be our next problem. The service station has some cars that people can use if their car is un-drive-able....well, that would be us, hopefully they have an extra car if our car is not finished.

Well, I can see this is way to long of a blog and you have probably stopped reading, cause it is so boring. I shall close here and follow-up tomorrow....I am hating the idea of seeing the bill for this job. Since I was only $125.00 away from paying off our previous bill, now they will add on to this bill the new total....uge, can we never get ahead???????  Just wondering.

Have a good day and keep looking up.....I know I do.
Cheers ~ Louise

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