Sunday, October 26, 2014


Hahahahahaha......hope you had a wonderful Sunday. It was beautiful today, sunny and crisp, a good day to be alive!!!!

I put a pork tenderloin in the crock pot along with some of my homemade sauerkraut at 8:30am this morning, by the time we got home at 12:30, the meat temp was 160 degrees. So I waited for about an hour,  putzed around the house, sat on the front porch and turned my water fountain on. Got dinner ready, toast, salad and applesauce. It was a lovely meal to savior on a beautiful day like this.

Checked out what was on the computer, took a short nap and then took Kylie for a little walk. About 5:00 we raked some leaves, cut my peonies, lavender and irises down. Tomorrow is leaf collection. So we need to get as much out there for the city to collect as possible.

So here I am typing away on this blog....nothing much important going on this week that I know of....maybe just finish winterizing the front and back yard. I still have one tomato bush producing, it sits on the front porch...the frost has not gotten to it little tomatoes for salads are on the agenda for them.

Well time to close....the Packers are about to kick the ball and play tonight...time to go watch them play and win......hopefully. Have a great couple of days and enjoy the beautiful weather till the snow begins to fly!!! Cheers ~ Louise

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NanaDiana said...

I love those kind of putzy days, Louise. I had one of those yesterday. Today I got up and cleaned for six hours. lol

That pork sure sounds good to me. We grabbed a burger with our son and his wife and little boy tonight.

The Packers are NOT doing well at all and I think that Aaron Rodgers might be hurt more than we know with his leg. I guess we can count this as a loss right now. xo Diana


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