Friday, October 10, 2014

Making Cards at a Friends House

Hi there everyone. Wow...this week sure went by fast. It's been almost a week since my last post, my, my! Either there's not much happening or there's just too much to report!!! I thought the roof was going to be worked on this week....but that did not happen, maybe next week????? Hopefully the weather will be beautiful next week, as I don't feel like dealing with a dripping ceiling.

Kylie got attacked by another dog the other day while we were walking around the block. Gosh that is so scary, the dog is the same size as Kylie. I could not get a hold of Kylie to pick her up. They went around and around, growling, snapping and biting, not sure who won, Kylie is okay, not sure about the other dog. I was more in shock then Kylie, but she held her own. I have not seen the other dog since the attack, so they must be keeping the dog someplace else now. The other dog sneaked out the front door and was not on a leash...Kylie was on a leash. I am so much careful when I pass by the house. This is Kylie's 4th dog attack, (2 on our block, 1 on Commercial and 1 on Hancock) not sure what she is doing to a attract these dogs to attack....but I wish it would STOP!!!!!

Thursday was card making day at Betty's. I always look forward to this outing and getting a few new ideas for making cards. A little bit of inspiration goes a long way. The above and below pictures are of the 1st card we made. Betty stamped and embossed the Lilly of the Valley stamp and we colored in the flower with copic markers, trying to blend in the colors the same way Betty did.
Here you see the card I made and the card Betty made.....can you tell which one is which????? That's my card on the right. Pretty close huh?!?!!?!
This was a really neat card....It's a die cut of flying geese or ducks. We colored in the grass, ducks and sun, blending in the colors with  copic markers. I think it turned out really nice. Looks almost like Tiffany glass.
In these two pictures is a "Hershey's" candy bar holder. He is a cute little pilgrim....I think he turned out great. Can hardly wait to get at that candy bar!!!
Now this is a lovely Christmas card, again, using the copic markers and blending in the colors. Wish I had that stamp....makes for a really nice Christmas card.
Next month will be some more card making, so I will probably post those too. I may be going to a Stampin' up work shop in November, so there I go, two classes, for sure I will learn some new stuff!!!

Well time to close, it is getting late and I need to go downstairs and ride my bike for a couple of miles and I need to think about what I will make for JP for dinner tonight. Thinking I will make some "Chinese potstickers" tomorrow. Possibly after raking some leaves as they are starting to fall in abundance!!!! Plenty to do, not a dull moment around here.

You all have a great weekend and keep looking up.
Cheers ~ Louise


Susie said...

Louise, Your cards are beautiful. I love them. When walking your dog, take some kind of spray along.There are sprays that are safe...but doesn't your town have leash laws? You may have to report the offenders. All dogs should be fenced or leashed when never know when one will bite...and believe me"My dog won't bite" are famous last words. xoxo,Susie

Attic Clutter said...

Kylie, but she held her own..
OH Good girl!! (:)
Such pretty cards Louise ..a fun hobby for sure (:)
the roof that's another story !!

NanaDiana said...

YOur cards are great, Louise, and I LOVE that little Pilgrim. Your card looks REALLY close to the sample one. You did a great job.
Too bad about Kylie. That is awful that you have to worry about other dogs attacking! xo Diana


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