Sunday, September 7, 2014

Fall Flowers and Vegies

Hi there everyone. Beautiful day today....isn't it? Well, at least it is beautiful here in sunny Appleton, Wisconsin!!! But that probably will change in a few days. Rain is in the forecast. But for today,  I will take this...the temps today are in the 70's. To me, this has been a most beautiful summer, not too hot and not too cold..........just right. 

Took some pictures yesterday while walking Kylie. My vine is growing beautifully. I forgot it's name...will have to look at some old blogs to find the name, it's a very simple name....sheeze, it's name escapes me right now.
The last couple of years this vine took up the whole side of the porch. I think the cold winter affected it a bit. I think it grew just perfectly this season. Pretty little white flowers, aren't they?? I have some purple Clementius growing along side this vine. They bloom in the spring, these white ones in September. To the left of the vine is my little tomato plant, producing little cherry tomatoes.
A closer look at the pretty little flowers......they do attract a lot of bees I am very careful when around them.
In these next two pictures are some tomatoes. I got the seeds from a store on Etsy. They are an heirloom variety....I think they are called "black cheery" there is a lot of them growing, not sure if they will turn red, but right now they are half black and half green. (Oh my, can  you see the reflection of me taking the picture in the funny)
In this picture are some more tomatoes...I had a thought yesterday to grill them along with our prime rib, onions, peppers and some red tomatoes........oh my what a great meal. These grilled black and green tomatoes....yep, I would do it again!!!!
In this last picture are my cucumbers....I had a good crop this year....lots of salads, dill pickles, sweet pickles and gherkins. All from this plant and my old wheel barrel with cucumbers growing. Yes...a good year for cucumbers from my garden. Must have been the right weather conditions all summer long.

Well, time to close here for a bit. Follow me on my other blog at:  I am talking about beets there, another pot of borscht is going to be made in the next few days. Or maybe Lasagna soup...we'll see.

You all have a great rest of the day and keep looking up!!
Cheers ~ Louise


Farm Girl said...

How nice. I have some of those tomatoes too. Mine turn red when they are ripe.
Your vine looks really pretty, I hope you have a very nice week. How nice you have had such a nice summer.

Brenda in IN said...

I love your clematis. I had one at our other house and it did the same thing, climbed all over the fence in the back and was beautiful. Your garden is terrific. I wish we had room to do that. I'm hoping to put out tomatoes and cucumbers next year along the fence. Isn't it wonderful to have fresh vegetables right from the garden.

cards4ubylouise and other treasures said...

Hi Kim...well, I am wondering will they turn red or stay black...these tomatoes are confusing me. They sure were good on the grill though.

cards4ubylouise and other treasures said...

Thank you Brenda. Oh yes, it's neat to come in the house with a handful of tomatoes and cucumbers.


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