Sunday, June 8, 2014

Missing In Action and a Few Vintage Things

Hi there everyone. How was your weekend. Mine?? Not so hot. Weather wise it was great. But I was having computer problems again!!! That's why I was HOT!!! It seems I was hacked and got a couple of viruses into my machine. Oh geez....I get so upset when stuff like this happens. Had to take my machine in to get it fixed and cleaned. I've had this computer only 4 months. I was getting messages that my Adobe Flash player needed to be updated. Well, I did not know that flash player is embedded in the machine, so it did not NEED to be updated. Well, I did not know that. So I went ahead and updated and that is how the hackers got into my computer. I have learned a very hard lesson. Here I thought Norton was taking care of everything. Little did I know a "hacker" came along and attacked me and gave me problems. The technician said that is the first place a hacker goes is through the "media" attacking your video and audio....I guess the one place where your entertainment comes from......well, let me just say this, I was NOT entertained!!!! To say the least.

I found after 24 hours I was going through withdrawals and needed to see what was happening on facebook, and my blog. I needed to get something listed in my Etsy store and Pinterest needed my input!!! Oh and I needed to get a few scrabble games in and try to beat Mr. Computer. Thank God, the tech called yesterday,(Saturday) and I didn't have to wait till Monday, like I first thought. So, yesterday I went and picked up the "baby" to the tune of $157, then did some shopping and came home. Hooked up my computer and off I went. Whew, what a RELIEF, and I didn't even need a TUMS!!!!

So today I thought I would add a few elephants and tea cups and saucers to my blog today. This one I call the "Spotted White Elephant with a Pewter Head. Selling him for $8.00+postage.
This elephant is carved out of some kind of stone, not sure what kind. There is no branding on him.
Two pretty little tea cups and saucers....I forget the make on this one and how much it will be. When I finally list it on Etsy I will have all that info ready.
This white elephant can carry a candle on his back, or maybe candy.
I sold a pretty tea cup and saucer this past week, so I thought I better add a few more tea cups.....I really like them, but I have run out of space in my cabinet, so it is time to find new homes for these lovelies.

Well, time to close for today. It's going to be a busy week. I have started staining my porch, I shall take some pictures this week and share my hard work with you. Oh yes, there is weeds to pull, would you like to come over and help me??? I will make a cup of "toasted caramel" tea for you in one of my tea cups and saucers......doesn't that sound like fun??? I found a recipe for some "garlic/Cheddar cheese" scones....think I will try those this week too.

Oh yes, Hospice was cancelled, we waited for Rebecca to show and she didn't, she forgot, so now we have another meeting THIS Friday and she is treating us to breakfast at Denny's....YES...I will be there, thank you!!!

Well you all have a great day and a great week and keep looking up. Cheers ~ Louise


Brenda in IN said...

Louise, the one thing for sure they told me when I bought my new computer was to NEVER update when a pop up asked me to. Only update from the website itself. I am so paranoid about that. I just keep xing out of the pop up.

Biz said...

Hey Louise!! Just catching up - feels like I have been out of the loop since last last Tuesday! We have a laptop, but Tony uses it and it's hard to read blogs, go on Facebook on my phone - I actually enjoyed the computer break.

Yep, we got a nasty virus in our office - our manager thought it was something important, opened it, and it had our whole NETWORK down for 3/4 of a workday!

Here's a hint - if you didn't request anything, or if you see an email asking to update or open an important attachment, delete it right away.

At least you are back up! Hugs!

p.s. I am sending the gorgeous Father's Day card you sent in my package to my FIL today - I think he'll love it!


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