Friday, June 20, 2014

A Shorty Blog 2 Day!

Hi everyone. Hope your day is going well. It's sort of dreary today, not sure if there is more rain in the forecasts or not....but I think we have had enough. Had to transplant 2 tomato plants cause there were no holes in the bottom of the planter for the rain water to drain. So I bought 3 new colorful planters, 2 orange planters and 1 fuchsia planter. Along with 4 new tomato cages, a red, green, yellow and orange cage, new color added to a garden always makes for happy tomatoes. Don't you think???

I was going to post my strawberry picking from last night. But for some odd and unknown reason is not letting me download my pictures onto this post. I have hunted all over this site to see what the problem is and can't seem to find it. I've even shut down the computer hoping there was a small kink and that it would clear it up once coming on again. What in the world changes from one day to the hard to explain and beyond my computer savey. Must be some kind of curse!!! I Internet curse and some hacker is playing games with me again!!!! Honestly, I keep to myself and hopefully don't bother anyone, but there still seems to be a problem with this computer. Please Viruses and Hackers leave me alone!!!

Maybe it is just the weather and things will be better tomorrow.....I hope.

Well, nothing much going on. I need to take Kylie for a walk and get back before the Schwans Man shows up.....mmmm...getting some golden nugget ice cream bars guilty pleasure!!! Along with some sweet potato and regular fries. Yep...simple meals this weekend. Hamburgers, fries and salad, eggs and bacon, cheese omelets and pizza and maybe a soup of some kind.

Still need to plant a few things, two more tomato plants and some white sunflowers....and start weeding the front's a mess that I have just not wanted to tackle, but it must be tackled sooner or later.

So you all have a great weekend and keep looking's to sunny blue skies and puffy white clouds are in our near future!!! Cheers ~ Louise


Susie said...

Louise, I go through problems like that every once in a while. Just this week even. Like I have said, one day I'll be bald from tearing my hair out. LOL. I hope you problems just disappear as my seem too....cause I sure do not know how to fix anything on this format. Blessings to you for a great weekend, xoxo,Susie

Patricia said...

Good Morning, I hope your computer issue goes away. Blogging without photos isn't much fun. We like seeing what you're up to. Take care.

Jan said...

Oh, my gosh, Louise, I feel your blogger pain - for over a month I struggled with Google Chrome then, poof, the problem cleared itself up. Hope your rain clears up. And I hope you can post a picture of the strawberries! Have a great weekend.

Attic Clutter said...

oh fun Louise(:) the Schwans man
we used to have him come by years ago
have a fun day (:)

Biz said...

Sorry for your computer problems Louise! Luckily I have a brother that works at Apple HQ, so he's able to sort out my computer problems.

Hope the storms were south of you - they were nasty Saturday weren't they?!



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