Friday, May 23, 2014

Kylie Taking Her Walk Along the Tracks

Hi is your day going? My, what a beautiful day!! On my way to do an errand today, I stopped at a garage sale, and also picked up some free wood skids. Winning....I was needing some new skids for the basement to put things on in case of small floods in the future. Yay....found them today. One was nice enough that it almost looks like a little fence that I can put in the back, it might hinder the rabbits from running between the neighbor's and our garages.....we'll see how that works.
 Well here you see Kylie walking along the tracks....she is a sniffer at heart and has to take in all the smells she can. She is part poodle and part schnauzer. I think the schnauzer is predominate in Kylie's life, cause she always has her nose to the ground. I have a feeling if she was not on a leash, she would be off and running.

We got Kylie from the Animal Shelter in Osh Kosh. She was a stray. Who knows what happened, she might have run off, or the owner dropped her off on a side road....hard to say how her life started out.
 So here is a shot of the railroad tracks....pretty exciting huh?!? Yeah, I know. This is a shot heading east. The tracks are about 3 blocks from our house. Close, but not too close. Not sure if I would like my backyard to be the tracks, though.
 Here we are heading east...this actually is a close up of the tracks and almost three blocks away.
Hummmmm...I had to think a second and get my bearings as to where this picture was taken. But it is on the other side of the lot, facing the tracks, the park section and WI Electric Generators. So there you have it, pictures of "Kylies Park" and the place she likes to roam. The walk back is rather interesting. I will take my camera with again and take pictures of a few things....

Well you all have a wonderful weekend and Memorial Day. God Bless America and God bless the servicemen and women that gave their lives that we might be free. I hope their lives given were not in vain. It is so sad to see the direction this wonderful "God fearing" country is headed. Sorry to say those in authority are not very God-fearing and that is the reason this county is going down the tubes and faster then we realize.

Cheers ~ Louise


Attic Clutter said...

Hi Louise
oh a fun post walk(:)
yes we need to be thankful for all we have(:)
hope you have a wonderful weekend too
always a sad weekend don't ya think?
graves to go to and thoughts of those we've lost(:(

Biz319 said...

We got our dog from a rescue - not sure what his background was too, but I think little kids messed around with him too much - he hated the little kids in the neighborhood.

I haven't posted anything about it, but Tony's back in the hospital - he's been there since Thursday, hence my blogging break - not too much to blog about when I spend my days in the hospital - just wanted to have you send good thoughts our way.



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