Monday, April 28, 2014

Life is Peachy Keen!!!!

Hi everyone, how is your day going? Well my "gift give away" in celebration of going on 7 years blogging is sure was fun! I've heard from the 3rd place winner, still waiting to hear from the 1st and 2nd place winners. There still is time.

Today I thought I would post some cards I made and are already listed in my Etsy store. The set of cards below are repurposed cards, they go pretty fast and are fun to do. Selling them on Etsy for $8.00+postage. 
This is my vintage lady card, the back ground is some sheet music from an old gospel hymnal, the song is "Have I not chosen you?" I think I will use these as Mother's Day cards, maybe mom will start singing when she get's this card. I might make a few Hospice cards using this card also. I am selling this card on Etsy for $3.50+postage.
This was a fun little card to make....the faces are from and I found some small circle punches to fit the faces, the background is a embossing folder that I ran through my cuttlebug. The "happy birthday" was trimmed off from a store bought card. I am selling this card for $3.00+postage.
Well, time to close this blog for today....can't believe a whole month is just about over. Onward and forward to the "lusty month of MAY" hopefully all the rain of April will bring you lovely flowers in May!!!! Oh and my husband will be 67 years old in May.....he caught up to me, now we will be 67 together for 6 months, then I turn 68 in goodness time flies!!!! JP is going to get a "Cake Boss" cake, I can hardly wait for a bite of that cake!!!!! YUMMMY!!!!

Have a great day and keep looking up!! Cheers ~ Louise


NanaDiana said...

Great looking cards, Louise. I am older than hubby, too, by `18 months. I always tell him that makes me just that much smarter than he is!;>) xo Diana

Biz said...

Congrats to the winners of your giveaway!

Louise, thought I would let you know Tony is back in the hospital. He just wasn't feeling right, not eating, not sleeping. They start tests tomorrow - send prayers our way!

Hugs, Biz

Attic Clutter said...

love the cards Louise..especially the hymn one (:)
Thanks on my bench and goodies I make..
Have a wonderful day ..

Attic Clutter said...

oh wow 7 years..time does fly (:)


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