Sunday, April 6, 2014

GOOD NEWS...Etsy Tap Dance in Progress!!!

Hi everyone....WOW, wow, wow! Sold some cards today....I am always amazed when something sells in my little shop. I don't know why, but I am. I was invited to join an Etsy team. The only stipulation is that you must live in America. "TeamVintageUSA" has been a blessing for me. Because since I have been a part of this team I've had 3 sales......that sure makes my day. I am not sure why they asked, maybe because of my "Vintage Lady" cards, but whatever the reason, I am glad they did ask me.
This was the 1st set of 4 Easter cards I listed the 2nd of this month. I shall have to get another set of Easter cards up in my store in the next day or so.
I really liked this card...What a friend we have in Jesus....this card sure has been a big favorite on's been favored by over 50 people, that's the most I have ever seen for anyone of my cards.
This is the 2nd set of 4 Easter cards I listed on the 3rd of this month. Sold....America!!!!

Well today, JP and I went back to the thrift store for some more tea cups and another elephant. I found out that one of the tea cups and saucers could be worth $ we went back for some more tea cups and saucers. I found two more that were English made. I am going to sell them in my Etsy store, clean them up and take pictures and see how they do.....first I have to read up on them and see what some of the other sellers are saying about their tea cups. It's a big process, but worth a try.

I already have a collection of 14 tea cups and saucers in my china cabinet. Two cups and saucers were inherited from my step-grandmother, one set is well worth $ I was surprised to see that. You never know what you may have in your china cabinets, just need the right buyer.

Selling things other then cards will help me to feel more like a "Vintage seller of wares" rather then just a "card maker"! I also will be expanding on my store name also "Cards4ubylouise and "other treasures". My "other treasures" will be tea cups and saucers, and lots of misc things that I might find....maybe even a few of my treasures I have here at home. Never know....this could be fun. Have to pay for this computer some how!!!!

Well you all have a great evening and onward to MONDAY and another week of many things to do. My calendar looks pretty busy this dull moments here!!! So take care and keep looking up. Cheers ~ Louise


Susie said...

That's a great deal to resale the cups and make a bit of money. xoxo,Susie

NanaDiana said...

Good for you, Louise. I am so happy that you are selling some cards. That is wonderful. You are right- you never know what you have until you check it out. Good luck with expanding your Etsy store. xo Diana

Attic Clutter said...

oh great news on the the cross cards(:)
hope you added some real sugar
to the pie...mine was ok
but needed some sugar(:)

Biz said...

Hooray for an Etsy sale! :D Hope you are enjoying the nice weather!

Attic Clutter said...

hehe yup... spring an new beginnings(:)
my lunch was tasty..we've been eating healthier then before..old age is a lot more work..staying ALIVE

angela said...

Hi Louise
Congratulations & good luck with the other treasures :) and good for you for taking a chance with something new. I really admire that. Have fun!


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