Saturday, December 28, 2013

♥Valentine Cards♥Icicles♥Flowers♥

Hi everyone, hope you are having a lovely evening with not too much stress going on. Thought I would post some Valentine cards I just listed on Etsy tonight. These cards have been in my inventory for awhile. They've either been in my Etsy store for 4 months and then sat in my stock for a year. I decided to re-list them for $1.00 each and put them in a set of cards for $12.00+$5.00 postage. If you would like a closer look, just click on my Etsy Store link to the right of this post. It will take you straight to my store.
ICICELES HANGING FROM THE GUTTERS.........This can't be too healthy for our "already weakened roof" problems. Glad it is frozen up there, otherwise we would be dealing with a leaky roof and kitchen ceiling. There is a chance we might be able to get a grant with the City if we quilify, I have to download the application and see where we stand. It would be nice if they could fix.....what they broke 11 years ago.
In this picture is a shot from the kitchen window looking out the backyard. You can see how much snow we have already had and December is not over with yet. JP knocked the pretty icicles down. But I am sure more will form again. Our front porch roof is leaking now...just not sure what that problem is. I know that when the roofer took the gutters down....they were not put back up the right way, sad, the trouble one man can create.
Pretty flowers........went shopping Friday and decided to buy a bouquet of carnations for Louise. They smell so pretty. Only paid $2.99. I thought that was a good price for a little bit of prettiness. Got 3 little bouquets out of one big one. A small one in the kitchen, on the dinning room table and one right here by the computer....I can smell their aroma right now. SWEET!!!!!
Well, time to close here for awhile. Talk to you all later, hope you have a nice rest of the weekend....take care and keep looking up!!!!! Cheers ~ Louise

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Biz said...

Yep, we need roof repairs too - our living ceiling leaks a bit - especially when we had temps at 50 degrees on Saturday - only to be -4 today!

The Valentine's cards are pretty!


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