Thursday, September 12, 2013

"Monthly Card Making Class" We Made Some Pretty Cards

 Hi everyone, how you all doing??? We got over a few hot days of high in humidity and now the feeling of "Fall" is back in the air again, maybe for another week or so....who knows...Only God!!!

Well yesterday was 9-11 another day for remembering those that died in that terrible attack from those that hate America!! So sorry, for those that feel that way. But I guess as long as there are men on this earth there will always be wars and rumor of wars, man against man (and woman against woman), everyone scrambling for leadership or dictatorship, which boils down to "control and money" the end though, every knee will bow and every tongue will confess that Jesus Christ is Lord. Can't wait for that day, it can come none too soon. Finally all this mass confusion will be over.

Okay, now for some good stuff. I went to my monthly card making class of the neat things I do and really enjoy as it inspires me and gives me some great ideas for future cards to make. I am especially liking the first card in the above picture. It was the last card we made and the most fun. It's on my list for a possible Christmas card idea.

The card is sort of like "Iris folding" except you are not folding papers, but still placing strips of paper on a pattern to form the square. The embossed pumpkin is a Sissiz folder, must be on the look out for this could be chalked in with a little color. I really like the effect, almost looks like a "patch work quilt".
 In the above picture is a pretty card....the butterfly stamp is from "Amuse" and the butterflies were colored in with dye ink pens then blended with a water brush. The green back ground is a die cut....(I shall be on the look out for this one
 This lovely card was run through the cuttlebug. The leaves punched out and run through the cuttlebug for texture and edged with brown ink. A bow placed at the top and speckles dabbed on the card, although you can't see them too well on this card.
 In this card, a large heart placed on a white strip that was run through the cuttlebug and layered on top of a strip that was punched with a border punch. The flowers and leaves were placed on the card, adding a lovely accent.
This last card was a fun one...with the little bear peeking out....he was colored in with pens then layered on different die cut card stocks. Flowers and butterflies embellish the card.

Well, time to close this blog...I hope you all enjoyed my previous blog. "He Knows My Name" Sang at Jimmy Swaggart Ministries on SBN. Gosh, I love that song...if you didn't catch it, scroll down and take a listen.

Here is something to think about, if God knows OUR name and prays for each and every one of much more does He know the names of those who are yet to be born and those who have gone before us??? If He knows and numbers the hairs on our head including those that have fallen out and are growing back....and if He numbers the stars and calls them all by their names (Ps.147:4) goodness... He is a very intimate friend that sticks closer to us then a brother, isn't He somthing??? He loves us more than we realize.

Have a great day and keep looking up for your redemption draws nigh. Cheers ~ Louise


Patricia said...

Beautiful cards. My favorites are the first and third ones. That sounds like a lot of fun going to a craft class with friends on a monthly basis. Take care. P.

Biz said...

The one with the leaves on it is my favorite - but they are all gorgeous!

Enjoy the fall weather this weekend!

Pom Pom said...

Great cards, Louise! I didn't realize there are so many cool techniques! I also love your reference to promising scripture. Oh, He loves us so!


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