Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Some Pictures.....

Greetings to you all!!! Thought I would add a few pictures today of things that are taking priority in my life at this point in time. As the weather is not cooperating, that I can go outside, maybe later on today. So here I sit at the ole' computer. The above picture is of Kylie, our little Schnoodle, we are always greeted at the back door with her adorable and longing eyes as she says, "where have you been, why did it take you so long to come home???" She keeps us occupied that is for sure.
So here is our new/used 1996 Dodge Caravan. Sitting in our driveway. We are really enjoying our new ride and find it so hard to believe that we were blessed with such a great car. Although in the next few months we will have to sink about $500 into it. The transmission oil needs to be changed and the back brakes need to be fixed as the mechanic feels the car sat for quite a long while before we found it. We already had an oil change and new wipers put on the car.....$77 there. I guess when you invest in older stuff there will always be things that need fixing.
In this picture, is where I am at with the fountain.....still lots of work to do, but it is getting there. I got the pump going, you can see the water fall in front of the green frog. I think I am going to take the fountain apart and try and dig a deeper hole for the pond before I get any farther......but at least you can see where I am going with this project. Eventually I will have my fountain garden, a Tomato garden, a patio garden, a fire pit garden and a front yard garden and a shed garden......whew, that shall keep me busy for the summer. In another post I will take pictures of all my gardens. There are probably some I don't know I have yet. LOL!!
This is my little patio garden, in the forefront is a tomato plant, irises in the back and a few little plants behind the irises. I had two rose bushes, one did not make it through the winter....I am not sure I will plant another rose bush there....not sure what I will do yet.
In this picture are my brown irises in the front yard garden, along side of them are my pink peonies. In this garden are also, rose bushes, some yellow flowers, blue bells, mint, strawberries, balloon bell flowers, lavender and tulips and violets. Quite a variety of flowers but I need to keep it all under control, because it has all grown WILD!!!!

Well I guess I better think about closing in a bit, as it will be time to get JP ready for work. Looks like it is getting ready to clear up outside. So I can get a few hours of work done and then walk Kylie around the block, her favorite thing to do. Tomorrow Kylie gets her hair done, a shower and a shave and she will look like a new puppy. I also change her pillow cases on the bed, so they are all new and, she is not spoiled, is she?!?!

I also have to get some cards together for my Hospice group I am involved with....the cards are made, I just have to add the Hospice inserts and that won't take too long to do. We have usually met at the Atlanta Bread Store. This meeting will be at a lady's house. She has a hard time getting out of her house, so we are going to meet at her house this time around.

So you all have a great day and keep looking up for your redemption draws nigh. Cheers ~ Louise

PS. Just as I thought, my "spell check" is in Google.....guess this is where I have to come to make sure I have spelt my words right!!!


Anonymous said...

Oh my goodness, your dog has sheets? Spoiled indeed, but I love it!

I am with you on this weather - doesn't feel like summer yet.

Lets hope our weekend is nice!

Attic Clutter said...

cute doggy(:)
and van

the fountains will be so nice when done(:)


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