Monday, April 29, 2013

Dismantling a Water Fountain & Another Tree

A beautiful SPRING DAY on the Fox River!!!! feels so good to experience a day like this!!!    It's been a long, long hard winter!!

This is on the Fox River, taken from Sandi's backyard.........beautiful day on April 27th, 2013!

When Sandi and Doug moved into this house, they asked if we would like this fountain. Yes! I said, I love the sound of water falling...probably I would like living near Niagara Falls too!! So on this beautiful day, we began to dismantle the water fountain along with the help of Sandi's grandson and his 3 friends. We got 2 loads of rocks, many of them were cemented together and had to be sledge hammered apart, but the boys enjoyed showing off their manliness and the walls came tumbling down!!!
Here you see JP and Doug relaxing while the 3 boys took another load of flagstone to our house. I think retirement is agreeing with both men!!!
In this picture you see all the flagstone dumped in our back yard. Now the fun begins. I think I will put the fountain in this area by the garage as the fountain will be nearest the electrical outlet. I am going to build the stone around the lining (some how). It may take me all spring and summer to finish it, but it should be good exercise moving the flagstone around. I may check some of the stores in town to see their displays before I start though and then check out prices for water pumps....not sure what I want yet, but I know I want a pump that SOUNDS like a fountain.......some fountains can sound so wimpy. So I will be listening to a few fountains, they are so relaxing!!!

I will need to get a picnic table to sit by the fountain, as we already had someone saying they would like to come over and picnic with us when the fountain is finished! Deal.....sounds like fun!!! Hot dogs and hamburgers coming up!!
Today, April 29th. We woke up to the sounds of chain saws and men cutting the tree down across the street!!! Ha....the demise of another tree!!! These trees get so big, then they become a problem....sorry to say, we have two trees needing to come down or be trimmed.
Do I hear a bid to donate the work or $$$$???
I guess the cost of this tree was $1200. The tree in back of this one, to take down was $3000-yikes!!!
I am afraid to ask what our trees might cost!! 
LOOK OUT!! Here comes a limb!!!
One of the limbs came down and hit the side walk of the neighbors house, made a big dent on their walk-way.
Well, the big, bad tree is down...not sure what they are going to do with all the chunks of wood.
 The  neighbor on the right likes to burn wood in his out-door fire place, perhaps they will keep it.
Maybe we will see lots more sun and flowers cause the neighbor on the left likes to landscape!!!

Time to close this blog, you all take care and keep looking up for your redemption draws nigh!
Recipe tomorrow, if it turns out good. Lental soup, "Jacobs Way"
Cheers ~ Louise
PS...I am not sure what is going on with the above paragraph, looks fine from here, but when I update and view blog this is what it looks like........sooooo.....I guess I will leave it. Have played and played and can't seem to fix it so, I will leave' le' vee!!! That's life!!!


Attic Clutter said...

oh the fountain will be so fun for you(:)

Anonymous said...

I love being on the river! And don't even talk to me about the cost of tree removal - we had a few trees we had to take down about 10 years ago - it cost double for them to take the wood away!

So we just had them chop each tree down for $300, then it took us days to get the wood down to manageable pieces to burn in our wood burning stove - a lot of work!

Attic Clutter said...

oh yes wood stoves are so cool


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