Monday, February 25, 2013

Does This Not Look Delicious???

I know, I know.........this was dinner a few weeks ago, (just now putting it on my blog).....mmmmm it sure was delicious. Burgundy beef fried in olive oil with mushrooms and spinach. I think that was a healthy meal. But now I have found out that mushrooms are a fungi, no calories involved but, not good to eat if a person deals with Candida and I think that might be a problem for me. Always something, I tell you. There are quite a few other things that I have to watch out about........but mushrooms (sigh) I shall miss. I guess a few are not bad, but I like 4 or 5 at a time.

Have been doing honey and cinnamon on rye toast or English muffins, or in warm water in the morning or evening. The honey acts as an antibody and cleans up the body along with the cinnamon, not exactly sure what they all do, but Jesus ate honey and butter. If He ate it, must have been healthy to do so, so I shall do it also. I shall have to look up honey and cinnamon and come back with a full report at a later date, or maybe tomorrow.

Well, think this blog shall be short. Need to work on income tax yet, only half way through and it is due at the accountant's office next Monday. My Valentine's tree is still up, guess it has to come down this week sometime. Been working on a bunch of cards to take to the Hospice group on Friday. Cleaned out my Etsy store of old cards that I will not be relisting on Etsy. So, most likely will add them to the cards I am taking to Hospice Care Group. (or whatever their name is). I have about 40 cards ready to go, good start. Also, a good way to unload some cards just sitting around.

You all take care and keep looking up for your redemption draws nigh......Cheers~Louise

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Attic Clutter said...

honey yes yes it is a good thing..
we've been doing the Braggs vinegar thing.. excellent way to clean out the digestive system (;)
1 Tbs. in 8 oz of water or
green tea and lemon ginger tea , plus honey...... a day..


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