Wednesday, December 5, 2012

R.I.P. Dear Hyko ♥

Hyko standing on the word of God.
Fall time in the backyard.
Enjoying a summer day on the front porch.
Hyko and Kylie looking pretty, they both had their grooming session so they looked especially
nice for the camera.
So Hyko, I will miss you very much, you were a great little dog, a bolognese from Bolognia, Italy, a purebread, your papers said. We got you from the Animal Shelter in Appleton back in 2005. You seemed so lost and looking for your previous owner. We found out you were abused and not taken care of, your hair was all matted and you had to be completely shaved looked so funny. You had your own personality, a tough macho dog and nobody, or no other dog better cross your path and you were not afraid of big dogs either cause you gave them a piece of  your mind. Not much of a snuggler but you had your ways of letting us know what you wanted. You sneezed so much, Kylie started copying you....and we would say "God Bless You Hyko" You know what.....I think God did bless you and now you are running around in "Doggie Heaven........where ever that might be. Missing you very much and looking for you in this house and all the places you slept, in the bedroom on the old quilt, on your pillow, on the couch, the lazyboy, on my trampoline. Now you will be sleeping in the backyard, forever along with Truffles, Poppy and Anna.
Sleep well my little friend, see you again someday.


Anonymous said...

Louise, I'm so sorry. I hope he went in his sleep as we talked about. He sure is cute. How is Kylie taking this? Give him a hug for me. Hugs to you and JP.

cards4ubylouise and other treasures said...

No, we had to take him to the vet. I think Hyko just did not want to die, he sure was a fighter even to the very end. Kylie is not doing good, she keeps looking for him. Thanks.


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