Sunday, September 16, 2012

What Can I Say............It's Monday!!

What can I say...........................
Another week is going to pass us by, don't blink. This is "Garage Sale Week" for me, hope I am ready for it. Almost have it set up, now the pricing begins.....UGE! We bought some sealer for the driveway, didn't want to see anyone trip and fall entering the garage. Guess in order to make a little bit of money, you have to spend a little bit of money.........$16.00??????

JP also put some cedar chips down around the house. We had heard that doing that, keeps the bugs and varmints away from the plants.....possibly a little late in the season, but it is worth a try and something that will happen for sure next spring. I have this squirrel that likes to visit and dig holes in my planters, he doesn't even care what is planted, just as long as he get HIS stuff planted and does he ever make a mess........darn squirrel!!!! but one plus is that the cedar chips smell wonderful to me, maybe it reminds me of Christmas!!!

JP hasn't had any arm pains since 7:30am this morning.....well that is about 17 hours of freedom for him. We never know when the attacks come. Sometimes he can have as many as 10-15 a day and now like today, nothing. Hard to figure it out. Sure gets tiring to watch him suffer. When he goes to the chiropractor things seem to calm down a bit, cause he stretches those muscles so the nerve isn't resting on the disks. Although the disks are degenerating (whatever that means).

So JP has to correct his posture by sitting on a round pillow between the chair and his back. He also does exercises for his back. All this stuff is from the Physical Therapist. The chiropractor has JP putting a heating gizmo on his neck and then exercising his neck back and forth.............well, we will see which of the two works the best PLUS a little bit of prayer helps too!!! JP has appointments with the Physical Therapist for the next 4 weeks, twice a week at $30 a shot for Co-pay. The Chiropractor is $20 a week, these co-pays are going to drain us financially, for sure!!! Plus we need to get JP in for an eye appointment.

Well, I need to go to bed, been a little tired today and this may be a busy week.............May be???.........I think it WILL be!!!

You all have a great week and keep looking up for your redemption draws closer and closer!!!
Cheers ~ Louise

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