Friday, September 28, 2012

Making Sloppy Joes & Another Garage Sale

Had another garage sale ~ today only ~ about 12 noon all that had sold was $10 then...........up drives a man on a motor cycle and says "this could be your lucky day" he ended up buying $50 worth of stuff. I had an old violin that he bought and some other old stuff that had been sitting in the basement. By the end of the day the tally was $84!!! Well, I am $500 away from a new computer. This computer that I am on is about 8 years old and runs very slowwwwwwww!!!!! I will probably do a few more garage sales the next couple of Fridays, everything is all set up, so I might as well, of course it all depends on the weather. Of which one can never be sure which way the wind will blow!!! Also, there will be less stuff to put away till next spring and have another garage sale..............hopefully by then I will have my new computer!!!

Oh Yummy, Sloppy Joes have turned out very good. We are helping some friends move tomorrow from their condo on the lake to a very lovely house on the river. My job is to make the Sloppy Joes and direct  traffic at the old place and clean cabinets. I will add coleslaw to the menu. As Sandi will be adding calico beans and chips. Brownies and chocolate chips have also been added to the menu.

Well, me thinks I will close this blog for today and I need to make the coleslaw, talk to you soon and keep looking up for your redemption drawth nigh.  Cheers ~ Louise

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