Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Some Words 4 Wednesday

I was going to make this a "Wordless Wednesday" day.........but decided, I have some words to!

Here's an update on our physical beings: JP's "Heart" doctor wants to try anti-acids for a month as he thinks the pain in his arm may be related to "acid reflux disorder". He said, "do you have any questions or concerns???" I said, "I do not understand how this pain in his arm can mean acid reflux, I don't see how the two go together????" Well, you would have thought I committed the most cardinal of cardinal sins by asking him that question, honestly, I just did not understand the concept!!! I was not questioning his integrity, I just did not see how the two went hand in hand. Gosh, did he get upset, JP said I pushed one of his buttons........well, I did not know, I was just asking a question, forgive me for asking anymore questions...........geez!!!!

Update on me..........the nurse called this morning, my liver levels are still high and the doctor wants to do some more lab work and ultra sound of the liver. So Friday more blood will be drawn and an ultra sound  next week the 29th at St.E's. AS FOR THE MEDICATIONS: blood pressure, diabetes meds and vitamins etc. I am feeling MUCH BETTER since not taking meds. My blood sugars have been "what I call normal" this past week, 129,129,136.134.133,130,125, and today was 138! For me that is great, the numbers are not bouncing around like they had been while on medications.

I had such a fear of going off the blood pressure meds, fearful that I would die on the spot!!! The pharmacist told me if I should ever stop taking the blood pressure pills that could be very dangerous, as I am like a "walking time bomb"!!! Then suddenly the doctor takes me off the blood pressure what am I to think, for sure I will explode!!!! My neighbor told me that was a scare tactic the pharmacist used on me.....of course they want to make money!!!! Everyone is out to make money and they will use whatever they can to get what they want and if it means scaring the hell out of you......they will!!!! So much for updates!!!!!

"Dancing With The Stars"
On to more exciting things........Donald Driver won "Dancing with the Stars"!!!! How exciting is that!!! Oh yayyyy!!!! Be sure to watch Channel 2 - June 1st at 7pm, "Donald's Welcome Home Bash" in Green Bay, that will be fun to watch. Will be fun to watch Donald make his first touch-down and do his new dance at the goal line! Lambeau Field will roar with excitement!!!!! On the "Today Show" they said, "Donald Driver is really big in Green Bay Nation now he is big all across the Nation!!!! God Bless Donald Driver and the Green Bay Packers the Team to Beat in 2012-2013!!!!!!!

"American Idol"
"American Idol" Finals are tonight.............I am rooting for Phillip Phillips, even voted online........don't even know how many times I voted, could have been maybe 20-30 times. We'll see what happens. Thursday starts "So You Think You Can Dance"!! These are probably my favorite reality shows plus "Celebrity Apprentice" and "Biggest Loser".

Been doing some planting and getting things organized outside the house. Can't say much for the inside, it looks lived in, what can I say. Dishes are always in the sink, cause I am always cooking something. Last night it was vegie lasagna.......was very good too. Zucchini, onions, chili beans and red peppers. With lots of cheese and sauce so it would not dry out. That should last a couple of meals.

Well, I think I will close this blog down, have to go get ready and pick up JP's new medication for his "acid reflux" hopefully this will cause the arm not to pain him so much!!!

Have a great day and keep looking up for your redemption draweth nigh!!
Cheers ~ Louise

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